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Preparing the Planet for Its Ascension
(The Christian Concept of Rapture)
September 16, 2001

Elementals are entities who are responsible for holding the creativity of God and bringing it to this plane or dimension. You could say they assist mankind in creating what we believe. They are prominent in many culture's folklore. You may have heard of leprechauns, elves and fairies, and some cultures take great pride that they are part of their culture.

"Fear is part of the illusion. Be at peace."

I would like to address some of the issues and questions that have arisen by the presentation of this web page by Suzeranda.

Many millennia ago I began a project. I took on the project as part of an act presented to me by the hierarchy. When I accepted this assignment, voluntarily, I was not aware that it would lead me where it has, or would take so much of my time and effort. Suzeranda understands how this feels, because I began her project &mdash: presented it to her— by asking her to create a cookbook. You can see how these things kind of spread out after a while. Imagine what happens when the project spans several hundred millennia and billions of people!

We have been working as a group to prepare the planet for it's ascension, which in "Christian-ese" means "the Rapture."

Each of the things that I tell you has its basis in many interpretations, but there is no one interpretation that is entirely accurate. You wouldn't like one person to be totally perfect, and everyone else wrong, would you? Well, the same applies for interpretations of the deeper spiritual understandings. I will tell you that each of you is on a path, and no one path is perfect, or leads to a place other that the same place that everyone else is going to end up in the long run. Be at peace.

I have been working on this project — the ascension of the planet into the higher dimensions, leaving behind the third and coming into the fourth and even the fifth. When a person makes their ascension they even travel up to the seventh, but then fall back to a level based on their belief structures.

You can only see what is one dimension below you, so it is pretty difficult to stand in one place and see who and where you can be at the time. God, the Creator of All That Is, (not your interpretation of God, but the true one, since how can a third dimensional creature know a seventh dimensional creature, or a twelfth dimensional creature, or a seventieth dimensional creature... ad infinitum?)is aware of who each of you is because you are a part of the same substance of God — in fact, you make up God. (See the interpretation of Kuthumi's on the web page for his dissertation on God.)

To get back to the story...

I asked Suzeranda to begin this work, and I have been working with many channels over the centuries that you are aware of.

There are many periods of history that you are not even aware of, but existed. Like finding the dinosaur bones; until they were found no one knew about these periods of time. Well, I can tell you, entire civilizations have come and gone and you are not even aware they existed.

I was given this task before your concept of time began, and you were there with me, helping make it possible, for many of you. In fact, anyone who reads this was there to help with this project. Earth is a very special place, as are all places. It deserves to be respected.

When you accepted this responsibility for the project, you were given instructions, as Suzeranda and Jane Roberts were, and each one of you have been prepared for this work. Every experience in your lives has prepared you for this.

I was chosen to spearhead this effort, along with Sanat Kumara— who chose to come as a volunteer out of his love— Kuthumi, Boddhisattva, Archangel Michael and his legions, and Seth, my counterpart in this. Maya is an emotional healer and she introduced the idea to Suzeranda, then I took over.

I would like to tell you that Jane Roberts was not the only person Seth chose to work with. She was the most famous one over the recent past. Seth told her that he would only work with one channel, and the reason for this was because he needed to keep the teachings pure and unadulterated. Suzeranda has been aware that she has been chosen for a difficult task, to prepare the world for peace and the governments for this structural change, but the preparation has gone on forever, or your concept of forever. Longer that you can imagine. Be at peace.

The next step is to open the door to some other ideas.

Seth chose Suzeranda for this work because she has the title and responsibility of a full Melchizedek. That is a difficult to bear because the responsibility is immense. Others work from this side, out of the Illusion, but a Melchizedek generally immerses into the Illusion to pull the energies up. Machiaventa and Jesus did just this over the millennia. But each one volunteers for the assignment. Be at peace. No one is ever expected to do something impossible, or what they would not do. Be at peace.

I would like to address the Christian concepts and ideas, for many will judge this effort to be false and "the work of the devil, or Satan." I would like you to consider something for a moment. The Bible is not an historical rendering of fact, but a spiritual text and can be interpreted on many levels. I will tell you this, that you can find contradicting passages throughout the Bible, not in spiritual law, but in interpretation. How can something based on spiritual law be contradictory? These are teaching stories, such as Archangel Michael uses, to teach for a certain set of circumstances, and not meant to be interpreted literally. To interpret these passages literally obfuscates the true face of God. Many of the attitudes of humanity based on selfishness and guile arise from the literal interpretation of spiritual text.

We have been working with the prayer circle recently to begin the process of communicating clearly, and being open to the teachings outside of usual interpretation. You will see that they do not contradict at any point. I will ask Suzeranda to include these teachings on the web page, as we develop them and introduce them to the group. So no one person has the entire truth and no one is above another. Each shares the love and the attention of the Creator God who created each and every one. To leave someone out runs the risk that you yourself will be left out. That is Universal Law. Be at peace.

The Body of Christ is made up of all people, and all creatures, for in spirit there can be nothing left out, even the plants and animals share the same frequency and can even share thoughts. You do not have total control over who you are and what you experience. Be at peace."

Next issue — Who you are —