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A Message from Master Kuthumi

Dear Friends of Peace!

All is well and in perfect order. I would like to say a few words in this web page, although Suzeranda has my approval of this entire page as it is.

The world is in dire need of your assistance, and without you there would be no world peace. That is because it always takes a few "souls" to begin the process of bringing something to fruition. Peace is already on its way, but for certain necessary events to occur related to government and world powers, only you and this group are capable of fulfilling this "demand."

I tell you that events are coming very quickly now. World peace is assured. But before it can come completely, all people must be exposed to certain information. You bring that information to the world. This organization is being created by a soul group, (and not the musical kind!), but a group of individuals whose purpose is to bring peace and information to the world's leaders. Other groups overlap in certain areas, and have been preparing the way for your group, but none are prepared to present these ideas to the world's leaders.

A time will come when you will be participating in an event in a way no one has ever done before. What an awesome idea! In the history of the world this has never occurred! Think of what that means to you and your children and grandchildren ad infinitum!

When Suzeranda accepted the responsibility of becoming a channel it never occurred to her that she would do something like this, but this applies to each of you. How you choose to participate is entirely up to you, but your purpose in life is to create peace for this beleaguered world, and now it is time to trigger you to remember this, for you have been, in a way, programmed to do just this. I ask that you search inside of yourselves to see what you can do to help this process. No one will tell you what to do, but if it feels as if it is the right thing, you will agree to it and find peace in the process. There is a Universal Law that what you give you receive, so I swear to you that as you give peace, you too will receive it. So be it, and so it is.

I have one more thing to tell you. The books are about to go forward. I have held them in abeyance until the right time. This web page is one of the indications that Suzeranda is ready to go forward. The publisher of the books, who is not yet named officially, has agreed in spirit to participate in this also. It is time to go forward with this. I swear you will see this when each person has read this and agreed to it in their hearts.

Know that as part of the spiritual hierarchy you can participate in the creation of world peace. But it must come from your heart, and not from force or guilt. What you choose to create is entirely up to you.

The next stage of this is to take this information to the people, and to do this the books must be published on time, and so they will be. This I have already prepared for with the assistance and guidance of the Most High. It is well done.

Now to the rest. When you have participated in this project you will discover that there is more to come. This is but the first stage for world peace. Each stage will precipitate a following stage, until there is complete peace throughout the world. It will come at the proper time. But time is relative. It is not so much a year or two, measured by the calendar, but when all people are ready for an event to occur, have changed their belief structures and are healed enough emotionally to be ready for the event, then it will occur.

But it takes preparation and desire for the event to occur. For peace to come it will take everyone being ready and prepared. This is the purpose of this page, to prepare you for these events to come. What is necessary for peace is all people being healed emotionally, to reintegrate their energy fields, and to become empowered to create whatever they choose. With one part missing you will just continue to create chaos, as you have done for so many millennia. You must realize that you are capable of bringing peace, and be ready to do so, and finally to have the "stick-to-itiveness" to bring it to fruition. Suzeranda has been preparing for millennia to bring this about — as have you — lifetime after lifetime, preparing and forging ahead when the obstacles were overwhelming. All is well and in perfect order.

You are ready to do this, I swear to you now, as World Teacher, Kuthumi