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Message from an Elemental, Part 2 (July 14, 2002)

The final stage in this millennium is letting go of the old self and beginning to create the life that you would like to create. (Note: The millennium is not just the stroke of midnight on the January 1, 2000, but a period of time extending several years.)

What was done before... Working, for example... working never got anyone anywhere. You put in the hours and brought home the paycheck. You saw fit to use the money for your own needs and hoarded some and saw fit to set aside a nest egg. You thought you were the source of your security, and when something happened, such as a broken leg, you had no security. Look at the paycheck this way... Where did the sense of security come from? It came from the self, not God. Put this aside.  Begin to create a new paradigm, and shift to the higher level outside of self.

You felt "virtuous" with this previous activity. You believed in these virtues;   "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." If you were to fall into a mud puddle, would God still love you? "To work like an ant"... Mankind is beginning to free the ants from working so hard. They did that to reflect back these ideas to mankind.

If you should stop working... What if you broke your leg and couldn't work? Is that a "sin?" If you fall into the mud hole, are you any less worthy of God's love?  Homilies, turn them around and look at their validity. If you put the source of security in self, it doesn't work. The ultimate source of security is your Creator. No one ever does anything by themselves.

Each one wants to be the person he wants to be. As you are going through your belief structures step by step, you will peel away the "dirty clothing" that you have been wearing.  On the higher levels you will be clothed in radiant rainment. In the C. S. Lewis book of the Narnia series  "The Last Battle," after the main characters walked through the door they were in fresh clothes.  They were in a new life as empowered Kings and Queens of Narnia.  It is time to let go of the old that no longer "suits" you and become the new you.