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Message from Two Elementals August 23, 2002

A Fairy Speaks About Fear
That Comes From Traumatic Experiences

You, who are becoming aware, should look at another perspective related to forgiveness. Forgiveness means as if something has never happened.

When you have walked your path and picked up a series of events that come your way and impact your life, it is oftentimes difficult to let go of each one of these experiences without a great deal of rumination and thoughtful prayer concerning these experiences. People now are becoming aware that the events in their life have caused them a great deal of trauma and that they would like to let go of them.

If you are a child and you trip and fall and skin your knee, it is a traumatic event, but as you get older you realize that it will heal, but you also carry with you the fear of falling again. So, as you get to be an old woman or an old man and you fall yet again you have compounded the problem over and over again, so it is a very fearful experience. An infant or a toddler, learning how to walk, for example, has no qualms about sitting down on the floor from a standing position, just falling down. A child takes great delight in running and playing and throwing themselves haphazardly into a huge pile of leaves. Or jumping off a swing set. Try it when you are older and see how much fear you have accumulated towards falling. Evelyn, would you like to fall down now? (Evelyn's response was "NO!")

Karen (speaking of a friend of the people in the group who was having medical problems) fell today and couldn’t get up and she is now filled with fear once again to the point where it scares her even to get out of bed. Do not let yourself fall into this trap over and over again of reinforcing ideas that no longer suit you.

I tell you this, a fairy has wings and can fly, but the reason we have the capacity to sail above the terra firma is because we do not carry the fear of past experiences as humans do. You, too, have the capacity to fly if you only let go of your fear.

Brittle bones do not exist. Resilience of youth is not lost when one gets older. It is a matter of fear of the traumatic experiences.

This evening we would like you to look for a short period of time. I tell you this as directed by Lady Gaia. Converse for a short period of time, and as this is put on the web page, for your readers to do so also, and think about for this for a short period of time and then we will come back and speak longer, about how age changes an individual. What does a child have that a grownup does not have? What does the purity or innocence of a child carry that a grownup loses? So be it and so it is.

Spider Mother Speaks about Security,
and the Illusion of Attachments

Each individual is poised in the middle of a web. You have created attachments to various seemingly stable things in your life. Each thing, like a branch on a tree, isn't immovable, but it just appears to be secure. But any strong wind or a moving branch can knock you off balance and make you rebuild again, stronger and wiser.

(Spider Mother moved into the center of the room.) Now look around me, see me at the center of the circle and see the attachments that spread out to each one of you, like my legs. I would like to tell you this, attachments to anything but your Creator, are purely Illusion. All That Is is the only solid foundation.

I can walk on the ceiling upside down and never fall unless I choose to. It is a matter of choice. But what you place your attachment on can only fail if it stands alone and is not attached to All That Is. Let me explain farther, for I didn't explain that to your satisfaction. All That Is is everything around you, but at the same point in time, that which appears solid, but is movable, is Illusion. Everything that is movable but appears solid is only illusion. A leaf by itself is attached to a tree, but the wind blows it. The ground when we walk on the ground is a solid firm foundation. I am telling you this from the view of the spider.

I have observed humans and I speak now from a human perspective. You put your trust on having clout. Clout does not exist. Clout exists only as long as the attachment exists. You put your trust on financial security but that exists only so long as the money lasts. When it is gone you have no security. You put your trust on your family, but as Suzeranda knows, the definition of "family" is far different after the fact of being separated from family.

What is the only thing that does not brook separation? What is the only thing that can never fail? All That Is. Place your trust in that and you will never lose your security, your attachments. If a spider creates a web against a brick wall and to the ground, how long will it last? Until it catches something! If it builds a web in the corner of Caroline's house, how long will it last? Thirty seconds. (Laugher) And it is down the toilet, or smashed into a little buggy mess.

So, you see what I ask you to do now, and for this next week, is to consider where your security lies. Fear not, here is the Mother of all Spiders, and I speak to you as a gift at the request of Lady Gaia. Be at peace and know all is well, for She is the One who will never fail you. So be it.

Wilma had a question about poisonous spiders, and why they are poisonous.

One more thing I wish to say. Caroline will answer the question of how an animal reflects back who you are. (Caroline is teaching the class on this subject for the organization. Her perspective on animals and her love for them is changing slowly to include spiders, too.)