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An Elemental Discusses Who We Are,
And What We Have The Capacity to Create
(September 8, 2002)

A time will come when humankind will face a dilemma related to its own individuality. Humans for so long have put their own welfare above that of the "tribe" or even their family. It's the rare instance — the rare case — when one sacrifices his or her life for that of another, and that is why Harry Potter is such a agreeable and joyful book for us now.

We have been looking at the issue of raising humankind up for a long time. They look at us a dumb animals, but we have been existing in cooperation with nature for a long time, and it is humans that we are reflecting back in our behavior. So, as you come out of these belief structures that put one over another then we all become free to be the beings, the people, that we would like to be.

Tonight I would like to address the issue of who you are, and this is the elemental — the next message for your web page (from an elemental).

Who is mankind and who are you?

Suzeranda, you have been facing issue after issue for so long, hundreds of lifetimes, thousands of lifetimes, where you have walked forward and met the challenge, accepting it and overcoming it. This is the culmination of all these lifetimes now, this is your last time. As a Melchizedek, you will go to another planet and begin the process all over again, each time raising up the planet and going forward to the next lifetime, and you have done this many times.

But this has been a particularly trying planet to be on, because of the fact that human's evolution has been a very slow process. Mostly it has been the belief of putting yourselves over another. It has taken a long time for humans to understand in their heart chakras the idea of Universal Law and "what you do unto another will be done to you."

It has been a matter of perspective that you've looked at the idea of Karma as punishment. It took a long time to look at the joyful aspect of it. It was easier to believe that humans were being punished by their Creator for what they accomplished, rather than missing out on the opportunity of living a life of peace. But now that is over and you all, all of you who read this &mdsh; this expose on this issue — have participated in this.

Let's begin now...

You have been a part of the creation, a part of "All That Is", but most people are not aware that you are part of the creative part of it. You have created by default for so long that it is hard to understand that you can do it as empowered individuals. Let's begin to understand now that your creation is just as valuable and important as that of any other species or being in the entire Universe.

People, and I'll use that term to mean any being with Consciousness, have the capacity given by the Creator to create whatever they choose so long as it doesn't interfere the the right of another person to do exactly the same thing. So, if you create from the highest good for all people then your Creator, who is doing the same thing, assumes reponsiblilty for what you've created. In the past, you created by default, as I said, and you created things that were not in the best interest for all people. Now with these issues that you are facing, you are beginning to let these all go.

Let's begin to create now by understanding who you are...

You are a part of the Creator, and your creative abilities are basically unlimited. They are totally unlimited. So what you have done in the past has been like to take an infinite number of colors and painted something that was only black and white, and left behind all the colors that were capable of being painted with. What kind of a picture can you create? It created something you could tell was there, but it had no depth to it, no capacity to inspire. During the Renaissance time period Michelangelo and the other artists of his caliber--Donatello and Botticelli, and such — they created awe-inspiring paintings. But what you are capable of creating, these are two dimensional. You are the capacity to create a life that is totally awe-inspiring! What would you like to create if it was your wildest imagination? If it is something you can imagine, it is something you can create.

Barbara would like to create a flying broom, and the fairy in the last message talked about the capacity to fly if you let go of your fear of falling. So is Barbara capable of creating a flying broom like Harry Potter? In a book, if J.K. Rowling can imagine it — and supposedly witches for millennia have been able to ride brooms — and you're capable of creating this by letting go of the fear of falling.

I do not recommend taking any brooms to the top of a tall building and throwing yourself off. You must learn and go through step by step and face the issues related to this, and until you have mastered the technique it will not work.

Let's begin to look now at what else you are capable of creating. Animals can leap &mdash a flea can leap comparable to a human jumping the length of a football field. How far can you leap if you have no fear of heights and no fear of depth and distance and falling to the ground in a trajectory? If you fell off a swing as a child, was that something that prevented you from leaping?

This is Heaven on Earth and what you create is unlimited in Heaven. In the twinkling of an eye you can create what you choose. Instantaneous manifestation is one of your gifts. I have been able to open my mouth very wide as a saber tooth tiger — what can you do with your teeth —what can you chew on? Are you limited to foods that are soft?

So look now inside of yourself and know who you are by what you can create. You are One with the Creator. That is all for this evening. So be it.