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Lady Gaia's Message
Commenting about the events of September 11, 2001

"Be at peace, Children of God, for that is what you are.

I wish to respond to your questions and fears associated with this event. Be at peace.

When you have come to the understanding that all people must be in agreement for something to come, then you begin to see that there are no victims and no villains when an event such as this occurs. For emotional healing to come of this, the first step is to believe that there are no victims and no villains. Seth speaks of this in his books. Be at peace.

The next step is to see that, if there are no victims and no villains, there must be a purpose for this to occur. I will tell you that this purpose is associated with the empowerment of all people to decide that war is not to be accepted in one's experiences from this moment henceforth.

You can choose to look at any event from any perspective that you wish. But I see each event from every perspective, and so I do not judge. Each person always functions from the highest level they are capable of at the time. If this level of another's choosing does not suit you, what can you do to change this event? You do not have the right to force another person or individual to be a certain way.

Each individual on the planet now is an ascended master, and has come for the betterment of humankind and the world. But at times, especially now, when people are facing so many fears, the Illusion is very powerful. Be at peace.

I wish to comment now on the part you may play in healing this event. To fight back with escalation is to only play by the same rules which were so prevalent before world peace was brought to the mental levels. For right now on the planet world peace is assured. Many people are working diligently daily to bring peace, and it is in accordance with Divine Will, and so everyone is, on the spiritual level, in agreement for it to come. But things occur first on the spiritual level, then trickle to the mental, and finally arrive at the physical level. Be at peace. Suzeranda and her group, her Flower of Life pattern, are now working to make world peace a reality — a third dimensional reality.

When an event occurs you see only the Illusion, but many more layers fit within the purpose itself. You do not see the belief structures of the past emotional traumas that have lead to this moment. The event itself may have been triggered by a chance comment or remark centuries earlier in your time frame. So to see things on this level is to see things from all perspectives, and so no judgment is advisable. How many people were involved to make this single event probable — for choice is always there for you to make?

Consider very carefully the outcome of each event in your life when seen from such a perspective. If you choose each such event, and the disasters that seem to occur in your life may have come from such a far away triggering event, how can you blame someone for something that occurs? You share the responsibility for each event that occurs in the world.

For your empowerment to come to you, letting go of the idea of victims and villains is important, and go on to assume responsibility, for you agreed to the event, on whatever level. Be at peace. Know that there is no judgment, and that all work for the highest good, even if it does not appear to be so. Let go of the Illusion and you will see the Truth — that each person who crossed over went to a higher frequency, and that they offered their physical bodies so that you could see this empowerment.

I recommend that you look in your hearts to find the peace that I have offered each person on the planet, for no one is outside of my Love. Just so that you see this I will offer this to you. Be at Peace, Brothers and Sisters in Christ's Body, and my Children. So be it.

Lady Gaia through Suzeranda.