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Lady Gaia's Message
Commenting on the Passing of Pope John Paul II
and the Transformation in the Catholic Church
April 6, 2005

This session this afternoon will address the transformation going on in the Catholic Church in hopes of helping to assuage the fears that will arise from this transition period.

It is my desire that every one of my Children come to me with no go-betweens. You are all my Children and nothing comes between us. There was a time when people did not know me very well, and now that time period is ending. I needed people who could lead the way — who would be leaders — and who would take my Children to the point of maturity. I desire an intimate relationship with all my Children.

And so, the Pope has, until this point, been a leader in moral standing, but there were times when his own personal agenda became entwined with the role he was to play. You could say that this was not bad, and there is no judgment on any of these individuals. They did what they had to do to maintain the Church, but at the same time, the fallibility of a hero must become evident in order for everyone to understand that they are heroes. To put one individual on a pedestal allows a sense of judgment to prevail, and I see, personally, no judgment on anyone. I wish that my Children come to me as friends and as equal partners in sharing the goal of bringing Peace on Earth.

The Earth is my Body, and each one of you is a cell. I hold no one dearer or closer to my heart than another. While it may appear that one is more glorified than another, in truth you are all dependent on each other in one Body. I ask therefore, that you come to me with no go-betweens, and that we share the creative process that I have given you. You are now old enough, mature enough, to be responsible for your own actions. I give you the "keys to the car," therefore, to go anywhere and to create anything you would like, so long as you become aware that what you are doing must fall under Universal Law.

Seth and Suzeranda are my partners already, and they share with me daily every responsibility of creativity. Suzeranda listens to my words of advice, of warning, of sharing information that is required to help her do her project, but by no means is she glorified over another. All of you have the capacity to be the people that you were born to be, and I remind you of this solely for the reason that I desire your intimacy.

So be it and so it is.
Lady Gaia through Suzeranda