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Archangel Michael Discusses
The Crisis Point People Are Now Reaching
(September 13, 2002)

In preparation for the events that about to unfold I would like to remind you of some pointers.

You are about to embark on an adventure. Never before in the history of the planet has anyone ever done this. This is the first time in the history of the planet that people are actually going to be able to create the life that they would like to live!

Always before you were fighting to overcome what you had created in the past. It was as if you were children who always wore old hand-me-down clothes. Now you are being taken to an Eddie Bauers store and being outfitted with new clothes for an adventure. Eddie Bauers started out--and the reason I am using this example--is their store started out with fishing and hunting clothes (he is talking about recreation), and you are about to go off on a journey that is going to be fun, and entertaining, and joyful, and satisfying, and fulfilling, and open to new ideas, and to get to that point where you are ready to do this, you had to, for a billion years, wear these old clothes. It gives me great satisfaction to announce that this new adventure is about to embark.

You asked, Caroline, earlier, how this was going to happen, how people were going to be able to do this, and that is why I am here tonight. I am going to tell you a story, because you asked for a story, too. Two men in a boat...(laughter--Michael likes to start stories about two men in a boat!) I thought I would throw that out for you--you wanted two men in a boat stories!

"A man was sitting in a car, and this car was a sports model. Low and sleek and fast! It could be red. (I am in a good mood tonight) He opened a map from the glove compartment and he looked at it. But on the map there were no names of any places. There were no roads. Nobody had ever been there before! The man looked on the horizon and he started to drive. No matter where he went there was a road in front of him, but it had never been driven on before. There were no obstacles, there were no bumps in the road, no speed bumps to ruin the alignment on his car. Basically it was smooth sailing wherever he went. Never ran out of gas, never had a flat tire, till he got to the end of the continent--he drove and he drove."

If you would like to see this endeavor happen this way, it is in your power to make it happen, and to do this, the car that you are being given is basically unlimited possibilities. You can drive it as fast or slow as you want it to go. You can go wherever you want it to go. The gas is unlimited mileage, basically, you never have to fill up the tank. The reason for this is because you are working for the highest good for all people. To get to this point you had to go through and let go of the old clothes--the old hand-me-down clothes.

From lifetime after lifetime, you resolved issues. You passed every test imaginable to get to this point. Every person on the planet did, even though they weren't working on a spiritually- aware level, their guides still took them to the point where they were free to make this choice.

The dominoes that Barbara was referring to when she was channeling Lady Gaia earlier this evening, are beginning to topple. The people--the dominoes--the point that this was, that people are all now prepared. They have all been set into place, and the dominoes falling for world peace are already beginning. To be set into place in preparation for what is happening you had to go through and pass all of these tests, of letting go of the old clothes--to mix a few metaphors.

I would like to tell you that to create what it is that you would like to create, you can't help but create something new. Whatever you wish to do there is no limits anymore to what you want to create. In the past you were used to dealing with these issues, but the issues are gone now. Once that crisis point hits, this is the toppling over of the domino idea.

It is very difficult to hit that point. It is insecure for a domino to fall, but once that point is reached then the layout triggers all of the other people, and world peace is assured. For world peace to come, everyone needs to be able to create what it is they would like to create. But you're unlimited in whatever you would like to do.

(To Caroline) I see you creating your ranch with the horses and being able to communicate with them in a way of friendship, as we have discussed in the past, and Lady Gaia has commented about this with you. You can purchase any ranch that you desire, the money is always going to be there for you to do it. You had to face the issue of placing your security on something that was, in the past, limiting you. But as you let go of this and your domino falls, you will see unlimited possibilites open up now. The money is there. You don't even have to look. It is there. In the past you put your security on yourself, but as your domino was put into place, the crisis point hit and the toppling over effect is what triggers this whole thing.

I would like to tell you one more thing. Once you have fallen as a domino, you trigger several other people who are likewise in a crisis situation. It appears to be a crisis situation. But if you turn around and look at it from another perspective, you will see it is the best thing that could happen.

As Suzeranda was telling you earlier today, that if someone hits the crisis point, the crisis is that they are no longer seeing the Illusion anymore. So it is as if a light was being turned on. It is not a problem if you are used to the dark and you are used to looking and secure in the dark and all of a sudden the light comes on. You blink for a minute and it is shocking, but then you realize that this is what you wanted in the first place, and it is so much easier to move from here to there when you can see what you are doing. That is what people are going through and doing now, they are waking up and they are seeing the Truth rather than the Illusion. It scary. It is horrifying, but it is the Truth. They are seeing what is true rather than trying to make their way in the dark.

I wish to remind you that as you walk forward and you take your steps, this is where you create the life that you would like to live. You don't have to depend on what you depended on in the past.

Look around you and see the unlimited possibilities. Where would you like to go? What would you like to do? How would you like to create this? You have a blank pallet and unlimited colors to color with. It is not just black and white anymore. It is unlimited shades and hues and tones and tints. That is all.