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Archangel Michael
How to Achieve Your Goals by Changing Your Belief Structures
September 27, 2002

Trying to expect... A change in your life will never happen if you have been refusing or inflexible to change. To take your steps and to walk forward and to move as an empowered individual takes looking at belief structures and letting them go.

It is as if you were standing on a puzzle piece--a jigsaw puzzle--and to see clearly you see a much wider perspective of what is going on. You pick up a piece and look at it, and look at the picture. It doesn't give you the whole perspective of what it is that you are trying to see. You are becoming aware that you are here and you would like to be over there.

Do not expect the hierarchy to drop it in your lap. You must do it yourself. If you expect change to come without taking the steps, you will be sitting where you are for a long time.

If you would like to make a change in your life, what is now, this set of experiences that you are experiencing now is "Relative Time" and you are going into "Absolute Time," and making a change--a lateral change rather than a vertical change. This is what your message was just referring to, in terms of ascendancy.

People in the third dimension are facing the Illusion. The Illusion is like standing in a telephone booth and expecting to be seeing the wide world. You can communicate with beings outside but you are not experiencing it. Someone can tell you over the phone what it is like in Africa or in Europe or in Asia, but you are still just talking on the phone. To actually experience what it is that you would like to experience takes leaving the phone booth and traveling to that place. Otherwise it is knowledge and not wisdom.

Let's begin an experiment this evening. You would like a change to occur in your life-- abundance, for example--and you are sitting and wondering, "Where is it, God?!"

This is what it will take to gain abundance: By traveling laterally on this jigsaw puzzle, you are going to be looking at your belief structures and moving from one piece to the next to the end of the picture.

Now, if you remember from times when you put together puzzles, there is not very much change between one puzzle piece and the next puzzle piece. It takes a very astute eye to understand when you are putting a piece in that this fits right here. You don't take a sky piece and put it together with a water piece because they just don't fit.

So what you are doing is you are going from a water piece or a ground piece to a sky piece. To do that you have to make the steps, step by step, and go and arrange the puzzle pieces to fit, and create the picture as you go. You are actually creating the picture.

You cannot jump from here to there, unless you are in a situation where you are looking at things from very wide perspective. If you are standing and looking at a thousand puzzle pieces then you can understand what the whole picture is, but when your perspective is one puzzle piece, you need to look at it from puzzle piece to puzzle piece.

So, this is what I ask that you do for your topic of conversation and spiritual education that we are going to approach tonight.

Dianne is involved with this, too, due to the fact that she has belief structures that allow her to accept into herself a being that is attempting to control, so it is a matter of control. We can exorcise a being, but until she goes through and cleans out the belief structure associated with it, that being is welcome to come back in.

So then, this is where it is going: Barbara has been facing issues related to her family. She was standing in the phone booth, and until she looked at things from outside the perspective of this phone booth--this puzzle piece--she needed to step out and see a wider perspective and it changed from being inside looking out, to outside looking in, and it looks very foolish.

Earlier this evening you mentioned the idea of belief structures associated with the Illusion, this is where the topic of your conversation lies now, is from within the Illusion and looking at things from a totally opposite perspective. If you are standing on one puzzle piece looking out, looking at a very different perspective, than from outside looking at that puzzle piece.

Look at it this way, if you were engrossed with the politics associated with Brookings, and things were bothering you in a certain situation, and I am using the politics of Brookings, then if you step out of the town--you go to Portland and you live for a while, and you come back and you see what is happening here, the issues (in comparison) look very quaint and minor compared to living in a large city.

If you are traveling to a foreign country, the problems look very minor to you than someone who is living in that foreign country and dealing with the situation.

So it is a matter of perspective with what you are looking at. Let it go, the belief structures, and the more flexible you are, the easier it will be for you to gain your goal.

But it is a matter of taking step by step and looking at each belief structure--each picture associated with that puzzle piece--and then the more flexible you are, the easier it is to step from step to step until you get to that sky picture that you are looking for.

So be it and so it is.