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Archangel Michael: November 29, 2002
Overcoming the Frustration in Achieving our Goals, and How We Are Already the Person We Would Like to Be

People are in a stage of transition right now. You will discover that the people around you will stop arguing so much. People have been frustrated because their plans to create their dreams have been failing. Like hitting a brick wall! Now they have reached a point where the brick wall has hit them smack in the face, and "how are they going to keep going forward?"

Watch very carefully; you will see on the news this week, that George Bush is going to hit his proverbial brick wall. He will understand that his plans to create war aren't going to work.

Watch and you will see that astrologically speaking things are shifting. People have tried to be open to change, but the brick wall that they are trying to work their way through is not in their best interest.

This is where you can have an effect, by saying something to the effect of "why would you want to do something that isn't going to get you anywhere?" It is like, logically speaking-- "why would you want to do that?

The final thing is that each one of you has been chosen by the hierarchy, by your own voluntary request, you have been approved to do something that you normally wouldn't do. That you normally wouldn't be empowered enough to do. You asked, and you started to get this chain of events, and now it is coming to fruition.

One thing to be aware of--for you to accomplish what you are setting out to do, what is in your heart to do, you need to be aware that to make it happen you have to live that life that you want to live. The only way to make it happen...

...look at it this way. You are standing on a path walking toward this project. At the same time, the completed picture inherent in your mind is also coming toward you. The Evelyn, Wilma, Vera and Suzeranda Karen that is already there is also coming toward you. Inherent in every seed is the final plant. You are already complete--whole--at that end. The real you is already existing there. All you are doing is trying to be together.

On a wider scale, the part of you that exists to the ends of the Universe is already being drawn together into one whole.

When you are born, and this is transdimensional, a part of you stays there and a part of you comes here. Now you are combining the parts. This is how it is working, how you are all One.

So, look at it this way. You don't have to choose what it is that you want to create, or try very hard to do it. You walk forward with what is in your heart to do. Each day you are making choices about what it is that you would like to create, but at the same time, the part of you that already exists is going to help you decide what choices that you are going to make.

Say for example, the final you is president of the United States. An individual would like to grow up to do something in their heart, humanitarian-wise. The part of them that is already the president of the United States understands that to get to that point that they must make decisions. Mentally speaking you have already created this. This part of you that is there, but it helps you decide with humanitaritan things that you are going to do. You are going to become president of the class in 9th grade. In 10th grade you are going to study a foreign language. In another grade you are going to do this.

When you are in 9th grade you don't say "I am going to become president of the United States," because part of you cannot comprehend how wide that is yet. But looking back on it, you know that is what you must do.

If you go out of body, part of you is aware of where you are and part of you isn't aware. But you go between the different dimensions or the different aspects of this by where you put your focus. That is all.