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Making the "Golden Years" Golden
Archangel Michael
August 13, 2004

Let me draw an idea here about a chain, a link of chain here and where it goes. You have several links to begin with in your life, and these are the events that have occurred in your life. At a certain point of time, these traumatic events add up and they become overwhelming. They divide and they start triggering a certain other concepts. In a little while I will come back to this idea.

When you have a set of circumstances that are traumatic, it affects the part of your body that is the energy field, and it leaves a rift. You could say that it leaves a weak spot where the energy is lost as you dwell on it. It is as if you sprain your ankle and have a weak spot there all the time. Suzeranda had an experience where she was on a dance floor and a young man kicked her in the ankle because he was swinging his legs way out. He did this by swinging his leg out and taking up more space than the rest of the people on the dance floor were taking. It is as if he was swinging his legs and such and taking up more than his share of space.

Heavy people sitting on a bus or airplane, some people sitting next to them complain that these people use up more space and that you pay for your ticket and yet the heavy person next to you is taking up too much space, you know, and so you are sitting squeezed, scrunched, in your seat. This is an idea. It is not fair that your seat should be--where is the middle ground? The person who is overweight cannot help being overweight and taking up more space, but they both pay the same amount. They can’t sell airplane tickets by weight. People between 100-200 pounds pay less than somebody between 200-300?! So, when you stop to think of it, this is an individual who is taking up more space--

And because she got kicked in the leg when she was dancing, every time she feels like she is sitting on a plane and somebody who is heavier than her and infringing on her space, then her ankle starts to hurt. She starts hobbling around on it. This is an example of a situation where there is a spot in your aura from a traumatic experience that keeps coming out.

What will occur to heal this is to turn the concept around and to look at it from another viewpoint. We will heal her in this session to show you how to do it. Then we will work on Wilma’s thyroid and Evelyn’s bleeding leg.

By drawing the parallel situation, Suzeranda is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and as this is being channeled, Saddam Hussein is in jail and he feels that his space has been taken away from him by George Bush and the attack on Iraq. You could say that with no weapons of mass destruction and no way to prove that he was responsible for these events, because there are stories out now that Iran was the one who gassed the people in Halajba, then you see that this is an example of how it feels to have your space taken away from you.

At the same time, this is also an example of an idea that has to be healed before you can go on, because there will always be somebody who will be inflicting his or her space over yours, whether it is a heavy person sitting on an airplane seat, or whatever, there will always be this concept... If you are driving down the road and somebody cuts you off and takes your space... it is just part of human interaction.

The idea that we are looking at is whether this is preventing you from being able to create your life.

We will take a step back. Is it possible that when you are butting up against somebody, when you are nose to nose with someone because they are in your face, isn’t there a separate, unique way that you can deal with this so that they are not interfering in your life? Is there something like a chain of events where it comes out and you can actually head a new direction? Can you go two different ways here? If these are events, can you take a different route?

Let’s look at this--how many alternatives does Saddam Hussein have in jail? He can sit and complain and George Bush will not do an absolute thing. He is in prison, he will go to trial, but what are his alternatives, so he can create the life that he wants?

Is there a unique idea behind this where you can create the life that you want?

The reason is that there is always an alternative. You just don’t see it. For whatever set of circumstances, there is an alternative. The idea is that the seed is always there but you just don’t see it.

Prior to the war, looking at the parallels again, Saddam Hussein planted a seed amongst the people. The idea that by giving his speeches to the Arab League, he announced to the world that George Bush was an oppressor, and that he would like to unite the people, creating a bond between the OPEC nations in the Middle East to prevent them from trying to acquire the natural resources--the oil. He planted the seed, and this event has actually been a precursor--the war was a precursor, a traumatic event that was like the ground where the seed was planted, the darkness where the seed was planted. The seed was the speeches that he gave that were telling them to unite against the common oppressor. The people didn’t accept that idea. They weren’t ready for that idea yet, because they were trying to create an economic presence and work with the United States.

Now, we are going to draw the conclusion to this idea. Saddam Hussein is in a position where the end is near. The end of this set of circumstances is near. He has to make a choice of what he will do. He is either going to spend his life in prison or be executed, or else he will have to try to figure out some sort of an appeal. The seed has already been planted.

Under Universal Law, there is an opportunity for everyone to create the life that they choose. No body can interfere with your capacity to create that life except you yourself. What we will do is to look at this concept in greater depth, about whether someone has the capacity to interfere with your ability to create the life that you want.

Swinging your leg around when you are dancing will not interfere with your right to be able to create your life. You could say that if you are a dancer or skater, and somebody breaks your leg, like Tanya Harding broke the other girl's leg and prevented her from skating, it didn’t prevent her from creating her life. It was an idea, the seed being formed.

People are looking at the idea that their life is the seed, but in Truth, it is the life that God intended for you to create that is the full grown plant.

The traumatic events are helping you get the life that you want.

For example, if you draw the parallel with the seed and Saddam Hussein--the event of giving the speeches, of uniting against the common oppressor, was like a seed being planted, but it wasn’t ready to grow yet because it had to be in a set of circumstances that were dark. The war was like the ground that the seed was planted in, otherwise the seed would just never sprout. There has to be a set of circumstances... like the doctor who taught CPR to people. He came up with the idea of CPR because his daughter drowned. Look at it this way, the traumatic event is the ground that the seed is planted in.

The final thing is that traumatic events can leave you crushed. It leaves you so bad off that you can’t function at all. This is where people die. They reach the end of their road. They don’t see how they can get their life and so they die.

So you have a choice. You can stay in this set of circumstances and the seed can die, or you can reach the point where something comes about to where you make a choice. The water comes in, and that is an emotional change that occurs. This is what you are doing in your projects here. You are waiting until people are ready--the crisis point where they say I need a change in my life, because people don’t make changes until they reach that point where they say, “I need to make a change.”

You see this as an alcoholic. When somebody drinks to the point that he loses his family and home and everything, it isn’t until he reaches that one point, and it is different for everybody, where he can no longer go on. Maybe he's caught and can no longer go on, or whatever that final point is.

But you can create the life that you want, and nobody can stop you. That is the idea behind this discussion.

People have medical problems and it goes on for a period of time as a chronic event. You might be diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, for example, and you put up with the aches and pains and you take medicines until suddenly you have to have your knee replaced. You have heard that surgery can cause you to die, and so you are afraid of death. All of the sudden you figure out that there has to be an alternative that you go for. There are many different concepts here. There are millions of ideas that can come up, but it is a point where you a choice. You reach the end of you rope; you either die or you make a choice one way or the other.

This is where choices comes, where choices are, otherwise people stay on that same road and then they die. They just keep getting worse and worse and worse until they die, because they see no way out.

What can also happen is that you make a choice of making a change, and you say, “I am able to create the life that I want.” A spiritual teacher comes along and says, “You can create the life that you want, and I will show you how to do it.” Or somebody comes along and takes an alcoholic to Alcoholics Anonymous. Or somebody’s life is going down the tubes and he is having all sorts of problems and then somebody brings him to Jesus. Or somebody comes along and teaches him how to do it. A teacher comes along and changes, and says, “You don’t have to go through this anymore. I had this problem, I will show you how to deal with this. I know, because I came out of it myself.” This is the ten-step program.

But what I am doing is drawing the comparison that you can get your life and that it is possible once you know how to do it.

Traumatic experiences leave a mark on your body, but you are whole. You are completely whole.

You want to end up where you are living every aspect of the life that you want, and this is what God gives you--the 100%. This is the idea that you have every aspect, including a full and healthy body, you are the age you want to be, your children are all living peaceful and happy lives, your relationships in your family are all happy, you are doing a job that is fulfilling, your nation is at peace. The 100% is when you watch the news all you see is happy events being talked about, every aspect has to be addressed, every traumatic event has to be healed for peace to come and for you to be able to get your life. Otherwise, in a way what you are doing is just finding yourself hitting point after point like this (up against a immovable wall). You will start narrowing this idea down and you are going to start turning around, and from the opposite direction and saying, “For peace to come, my life has to be where every aspect is at peace.” And this is where you are going to be now. Because all of these traumatic events have been choices for you to lead you to that point.

Inherent in every seed is the final outcome of the tree, where you’re giving fruit and you are helping someone else get the life that they want. You have blossomed. You have created the life that you want and you are sharing what you know and your experiences with other people. No tree ever functions by itself because it never gives off fruit. You can’t just function by yourself. This is how nature functions. You need to have male and female working together. You need to have cross-pollination between trees or plants for it to function, otherwise you just can’t function.

But in your project you need to have six other people functioning, or the five other people working with you. So, these people are not preventing you from getting your life, they are helping you because they are helping you choose to go forward to create the life that you want. This traumatic event is like the seed being planted.

Now each aspect of your life is going to happen. In a way you drew towards you that event in order for you to make this choice, whether you are going to stay where you are or you are going around and create the life that you want. A seed will grow around a rock. A tree will grow around a rock. Then it will head for the light. It isn’t necessarily that every tree grows straight up. It grows and it bends and it curves and it changes. This is what you are doing, you are making changes in your idea. You are saying, “No this no longer suits me, I no longer want to deal with this,” and if it appears that somebody is preventing you from doing it, you are just looking at it backwards, because this individual is actually helping you to reach that point where you want to be.

Let’s look at this from the idea of how medical problems can be dealt with. Suzeranda is saying this individual was taking up too much space. Saddam Hussein is saying George Bush is taking up too much space. But all the OPEC countries are saying, “We all have to work together to bring peace, and we have to bring George Bush in.” And the idea was that George Bush put himself above other people saying that he had a right to tell everyone what to do. And the idea is saying, “No we don’t want a situation where somebody has the right to tell everyone else what to do. We don’t want a situation, for peace to come, where one individual tells everyone else what to do.” You see, this is going to change this idea. In the past they allowed this to happen because half of the people were saying “We have a right to tell you what to do because we know what is better for you.” Look at how parents tell children, “We know what to do, and you have to listen to what we are doing.” But the kids are empowered now, so they are not listening.

So you see, as this occurred, it is clearing out an idea saying we don’t want this idea anymore, where one country is supreme over all the other countries. We need to have a situation where everybody is treated equally.

Every ache and pain and arthritis, earache, headache, cellulitis, pancreas problems, cancer, heart problems, heart valve problems, athletes foot, dandruff, gray hair, nearsightedness, farsightedness, hearing problems, crooked teeth, all of these things are something that will be cleared. It is an idea that will be cleared. It will be one of the chain links that will hit a crisis point, and then you will have to choose which way you will go. Are you going to let it stop you here, or you going to make a choice?

Is Saddam Hussein going to allow George Bush to execute him or is he going to find another way to deal with the situation? And this is where you are going to deal with it. Once the issue becomes acute--cancer--look at how many women have breast cancer. The ones who survive and do well--some die, and some survive and do well and say, “My family was so supportive to me all the way through this,” and those are the ones who survive. You can see that they made their choice. They either gave into fear and died, or made a choice and changed their lifestyle. They decided that they weren’t going to let it stop them.

So when you see an obstacle in your path, you can either go over it or you can go around it. Or you can stand there and let it prevent you from living your life. What are your choices? Are you going to let somebody else say, “No, you can’t live your life”? “I am going to stay here the rest of my life!?” If you are a murderer, can you be reformed? Can you go through and be let out on parole and vow never to do it again? Can you find God in the situation and use that as a tool to create the life that you want?

Now, what you are doing is backwards. You are saying “I have the right to create the life that I want.” But it is not the life that is the seed that we are talking about. It is the life that is the full-grown plant that you were born to be. You have the right to create that life. Not necessarily the life that is the seed, because that seed has to break open and start to grow toward that tree. People are saying, “I don’t want you to interfere in my life” but that is the life that is being led and growing toward the Light where you are your full person.

Ideally, when you get to be of old age--and you don’t have to die and you don’t have to get old--but ideally, wouldn’t the Golden Years mean that you are living the life in peace that you want? Don’t you want, if you have longevity, don’t you want to have the Golden Years, rather than the awkward years--the “terrible twos” or the “terrible teens,” or the rebellious teen years, or the point where you couldn’t figure out what you were going to do with your life, or when your kids were little and you had no time to yourself--wouldn’t the Golden Years mean the time when you finally created your life and you have the wisdom to use your talents and gifts and you know who you are? Isn’t God’s concept of the Golden Years where you are using your talents and gifts and sharing them with others? This is where you are, the Golden Years. In heaven, where your goal is--not to die and go to heaven, but to live the life that you want in heaven, heaven on Earth--is to have the Golden Years, where you are at peace with yourself, and there is nothing in your life that you would want to change.

Now the idea is that you are still the seed, and you are still growing if there is something in your life that you want to change. You will know that you have reached the true Golden Years when there is not one thing you would change. When you wake up in the morning and the news is all peaceful news, and it is all like Seth said, that "the only thing in the news is the sale on peaches down at the store"--then you know peace has come. When there are no more problems with rapes. No more murders on the news. No more wars. No more discord. And this is what you are doing now, over the next couple of years, is facing these ideas of what you want to let go of, and as issues become acute, then you find that it either stops you--some people will be stopped and they will die, other people will find a way over the obstacle, and other people will find a way around it.

I will tell you this--there is always a way around the obstacle, because that obstacle is there to teach you what you want to let go of. If you find an obstacle, there is a reason for it. You just haven’t figured it out yet. And usually it is because it is time to bring somebody else in. If you are working to create your life, it is time to bring somebody else into your project. Somebody who can help you, and you can help them.

That’s all for today.