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Newsletter 1, August 6, 2001


When you go through the process of creating an organization, the easy part is the planning and the preparation. The most difficult part is getting people involved! I have gone through and done everything conceivable to create this organization, and the only thing really lacking now is the people to make it an organization.

What do you think could be the reason that people are reluctant to join a group that is devoted to peace? Could it be that they are too busy with their lives? That watching TV or traveling is more important? Well, it doesn't say much for someone who thinks he or she is too busy to make their life better and that of the people around them, including family and friends. Could it be that they are thinking it is too much effort? Well, there are two kinds of people--those who are empowered and those who aren't. I guess the ones who decide that life is too much effort are the unempowered ones. I know which group I belong to now, and I know that at times I belonged to the other group. At least I thought I did. It took a major adjustment in my thinking to make be a believer.

All my life I have gone from group to organization to job, and never had the sense of belonging to anything. There never seemed to be enough interesting there to make it worth the effort. I joined a church and liked it for a while, but then the interest faded. Then came another and another. Oh well.

When you discover your purpose in life it is like finding something so that you never lose interest. Everything about it is something that never fades away. Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying it is easy--just really, really interesting! How can you watch television when something is so interesting that you want to do it all the time?

You will discover that same interest when you look for your purpose in life, too. I created a project out of the parts of me that have always been hidden away, that no one knew I was even interested in. All my life I knew I was going to do something important, but never figured out what it was. Then along came this peace project idea, and suddenly I was hooked! You will be hooked, too, not on my project, but on yours. And you will find that the hard part is getting enough people interested to help you. I tell you what--I promise that when the time comes for you to create your project, whatever it is, I will listen to you. I may even help you do it, because it kind of gets under your skin after a while.

Archangel Michael's Story
"Once upon a time a man walked down a path through a garden. The garden was full of thorns and brambles. The sun shone, but at times clouds covered it and made the walk seem chilly and shivery. Then an animal leaped out from behind a bush and it startled the man. He leaped up in the air. The animal moved so quickly the man couldn't get a clear picture of it. He came down breathing rapidly and filled with astonishment. What could it have been? Was it something to be afraid of? Instead of walking ahead, the man peered around himself. Then the sun came out and the clouds floated by. The man realized it was a rabbit, and it was as afraid of him as he was of it. The scary thing was a cute little bunny! The man laughed to think he was afraid of a furry little bunny!"

Something unexpected that comes into our life can cause us to stop and be afraid. But if you take a moment and look at it, you may discover, too, that there is nothing to be afraid of. It is the setting and not the thing that is causing your fear. When you let go of the illusion created by your imagination the fear is gone. How can you let go of the illusion in your life that is causing you to be afraid of something that can do you no harm?

Emotional healing is what allows you to be free of fear. You have let go of the illusion that makes life seem so dreary and upsetting. To let go of that which robs you of freedom from fear, look at the problem without judgment and allow it to come forward and be released. Don't dwell on it.

Each person in the world is facing issues right now that cause fear. This time has been declared by the hierarchy to be a time of letting go of the illusion. Suzeranda stepped out of the illusion, but the illusion is very powerful, and she fell back into it. Each of you is facing fears, but I promise that if you look clearly at them they will turn into fuzzy little bunnies!

Fear of death is something that many of you face. That is because you have been genetically changed to allow a sense of separation from God. But you are the beloved Children of God, and it is part of your birthright to return to peace and unconditional love as soon as you let go of the illusion. Be at peace. Don't let it bother you, for when you cross over you will discover another life. I speak as an authority because it is my place in the hierarchy to help you overcome your fears and to bring you into God's Light or understanding.

Some of you are facing the fear of loss, but what can you lose? You were born into this world with just your skin and your life. Everything is a plus from there on! God will provide for you the 100% if you just realize it is your birthright and your gift to have what you need to fulfill your purpose. Why should you be prevented from doing what you were born to do? Before you were born you made an arrangement with the Universe that you should receive all that you need to fulfill what you set out to do.

The idea that you should live alone and in poverty is just a belief structure that can be changed. In fact must be changed if you are going to find what you need to go on. It appears that Suzeranda has been lacking in what she needs, and she has been lacking in many things. But Gaia explained to her that as one of Her Children she is entitled to be the creative partner in this world, so in truth, the world is hers to do with as she chooses. Pretty powerful to think that the world is at your beckon call! What will you create with your ability to create, for the gift is yours, too?

Some of you are facing the fear of failure. But how can you fail when you have everything that you need? It is only your choice by which you fail, and you can choose something else if it does not suit you to continue on the way you have been going. Let go of the need to judge your accomplishments by the standards of illusion. You are creating constantly, and you can create whatever you choose. What you choose is more of the same if you are not willing to change your belief structures and be healed emotionally. Let go of the past. Why do you want to bring something forward that does not suit you anymore?


Emotional healing is not difficult. I ask that you contact Suzeranda for a copy of the book, "A Manual for Peace," and begin the process of reintegrating your souls, being healed emotionally and finding your purpose in life. I promise you, life will become very interesting!