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Newsletter 2: August 22, 2001
Archangel Michael:

Be at peace. All is in perfect order and nothing can ever be out of perfect order.

But what does that mean, when you are lost in the abyss of fear and despair and you don't know how to get out of it?

The first thing to realize is that you have created just the set of circumstances that you are presently in for a specific reason, and that is to get you to your next place. Why would you do that? Because there is a very good reason that you need to be in that place.

If you put yourself into a life-threatening position of illness, or what seems to be life-threatening, you are looking at circumstances that are not in alignment with God's will, although you are free to choose whatever path you like. God created perfect creatures--you! They do not see you are imperfect. Circumstances come into your life to prepare you for the next step in your experiences, not as punishment, but as a test to see if you are ready to go forward toward your next experience. Sometimes that illusion is so powerful you don't pass your test. Just knowing it is a test can make it possible to pass your test. Look at it this way; why would anyone in their right mind choose to do something to their body that was so devastating if they were making a choice?

Illness has its advantages, too. It gives you a sense of knowing that life can be controlled. If you don't feel well, you can take a pill to take away the pain. If you can't sleep, you can take a pill to help you sleep. You can have the security of knowing people are sympathetic to you, and you have the attention of doctors who are there to help you. But know this--you are not a victim of illness because you chose to be there! It is not God's will that you are there suffering, but your own, and if you want to leave it behind, it is possible.

But, are you a victim of the source of all those carcinogens or high cholesterol-producing foods? What you believe is what is. Again, it is a matter of choice. Do you want to be ill, at the mercy of your environment? This is going to bother some people when I say this, but you do not get my sympathy for being ill. I have had problems, too, but who hasn't? The Illusion is so powerful! But if it is a matter of choice, why not choose to have the "better" choice of feeling better?

Healing is a matter of removing layers, like an onionskin, step by step, to the core of the problems. You are not a victim of anything, but there by choice. And if you would choose this for yourself then you will get my sympathy, because it is very difficult to face who you are. I have done this many times, and each time it is a matter of looking at yourself without judgment--looking in the mirror and facing the issues that haunt you and giving yourself a break. Forgive yourself for being who you are and let it go, as you would tell your best friend that you forgive him or her for being who he is.


Now Suzeranda is awake and it is five-thirty in the morning. She had a dream about a man in a volcano and she wondered how she would get the man out without burning up herself. The man was sitting on a blanket on the edge of hot lava and she was on the edge of the abyss. How do you help someone who is in an abyss without burning up yourself? The problem with this is not becoming entrapped yourself but offering help. I am Seth, a spiritual teacher who has been working for millennia to do just that.

You may have heard of Jane Roberts and the books we wrote together. These books were written for a specific group of people who had been studying spirituality for a long time as a group, and they were open to learning and growing spiritually. I have asked Suzeranda to write these books because it is time for you to begin to grow spiritually, and these newsletters and the books are there for you, too, not just those who have dedicated their lives to spiritual progress.

But, you will have to help yourself out of the abyss because no one is going to come in and save you and risk the chance of being pulled into your own private hell. I ask that you read through these newsletters for the "rope that you need to pull yourself out of this hell." If you choose, you are welcome to stay there. Please let your friends know about this and make copies of these newsletters, especially if they are experiencing some kind of traumatic experiences in their lives right now. It's free, what can it hurt you?

As Michael said above, everything is a matter of choice, and if you seem to be in a situation where there is no choice, then look again. It was a choice that got you there in the first place. No one will come into the abyss to save you because everyone is already in their own private hell right now. The reason for this is the Illusion is very powerful.

What do I mean by "the Illusion"? God created the third dimension to be here, and it is a frequency of God, a continuum of frequency that makes up all things.

When you "die" you leave behind your body, and the part of you that contains all knowledge goes on to a higher frequency. All the experiences that you have had in this lifetime are part of your memory at that point. As you know, your memory is something that you carry on with you, but at times the memory of something can be just as devastating to you as the real experience. So you are working through these memories and trying to heal them. Step by step, you release these memories and heal them, or else they keep you trapped in them and you go through your own little hell. But is a memory real? No. It is not something that can harm you in any way. Let go of them as if they were old clothes and free yourself from them. Take them off. Let me give you an example.

Suzeranda was in high school and fell down a flight of stairs and hurt her back. At times, when she has been worried about things, she tenses up and her back hurts again. She was very worried about life as a teenager because things weren't easy for her at that time, and now she associates things not going well for her with back pain. Her injury healed a long time ago, but she recreates the pain when she is worried. Backs are delicate things--memories never seem to go away when they are associated with a physical injury. I would like you to consider your aches and pains and illnesses for a minute.

The human body recreates itself every seven years. Just think of it; anything that is older than seven years in your memory is just an Illusion because it isn't there anymore. Purely physically, it doesn't exist. So, even Suzeranda's back problems have been brought forward only in her mind. Why hold onto something like this, except for it to show you something? Time to let it go, isn't it? You aren't going to get much sympathy from me either, but I will tell you that you don't have to be in pain anymore. Let it go.

The pains that are there, too, less than seven years are already on their way to being mended. Don't hold on to them any more. Your body is capable of healing anything, even those things that don't appear to be healable, like radioactivity, poisons, allergies, funguses, viruses and what you would consider to be life-threatening.

People agree to have something to be life threatening, and you must all be in agreement for something to be. When one person steps out of agreement for something to be a certain way, then the Illusion is over. Why agree to have AIDS be life-threatening? Why should you continue to believe you must not eat butter or it will cause heart problems?

All is well and in perfect order. Begin to look at what you believe about life, and stop reinforcing the ideas that something can harm you. God created a perfect place. It is your belief structure that allows imperfection to exist, and by just changing these beliefs you return to God's perfection. Isn't that easy? When you are faced with anything that is negative--ask yourself why you want that in your life anymore and let it go. Be at peace.

ęCopyright 2001, Karen Holmes. Permission to copy and distribute with this copyright notice.