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Newsletter 3, August 29, 2001

You have been exposed to some of the teachings from the hierarchy now for these last two newsletters, and today we are going to explain why this is occurring right now. I am a spiritual teacher, and have been so for many millennia, and Suzeranda has a soul agreement to help me with this project. She agreed to do this before she was born, and now carries out this agreement.

The emotional healing that we are discussing in these newsletters is being accomplished for a specific reason, and that is to allow you all to pass through this period of testing, and to accept your next step in life. That step is to fulfill your purpose.

Each of you was born for a specific reason. You have a purpose to fulfill, and you also have a group purpose. Each of you has two things to accomplish in your life. The reason this period is so difficult for so many is that you must each face the fears that you brought forward, and release them and let them go.

Today I am going to address the fear of loss, as we did the fear of death in the last newsletter.

Loss occurs only as part of the Illusion, as I mentioned in the last lesson. Loss occurs only in the third dimension, never in the higher ones, because you cannot lose something ever when you realize that you already have everything! Think of it this way; if you have the knowledge that you can create anything you want, what can you lose? But it takes understanding and letting go of the idea of limitation to understand what you already actually have.

People in the third dimension think they work hard for a living and acquire their wages and spend their money. And it appears to work this way, so it is easy to believe you are the source of your security. If you do not work, then you open yourself up to losing what you already have acquired.

But in truth, the idea of having something is very different outside of this Illusion. What you create is dependent on your thoughts and beliefs. If you think you lack something, then you draw to you "lack," not the thing itself! You can actually draw to you lack, and many times it is a vicious spiral because the idea is reinforced until you let go of the idea out of sheer frustration or you hit rock bottom. Barbara and Karen, for she is Karen in her unempowered state and Suzeranda in her empowered state, listened to country music in one of their places to stay, and a song they listened to talked about "rock bottom being 'good, solid ground.'" I would like to tell you that life is filled with ups and downs until you let go of the ideas that hold you in this cycle. Why not let go of the belief before you hit rock bottom? What can you lose?

I will tell you this, that what you have the capacity to create is much grander that what you can imagine. I am one of the group of individuals who worked to create this planet, at another place and time, so to speak. This planet was created by putting a thought form into Light, unmagnetized Light, and we created this place that you consider to be home. All is well and in perfect order. So you see, I can show you that you can create whatever you desire, since I have the credentials!

One more thing. Losing something makes way for something better to come into your lives. It is Illusion that you actually lose something, but the reason you put yourself into this is so you can make place for something better to come your way. Let go of the idea that loss is permanent, that it is necessary, and that you must suffer while doing it. Already you have created something very small. What you let go of makes room for something much greater, and you can create whatever you desire. So be it.

Archangel Michael:
I, too, would like to speak for a moment on loss and the fear of it, but I have a story to tell first.

"A man walked into a store and saw on the shelves row upon row of goods that he desired. He walked around the store and fondled the merchandise and held his hand against the fine fabrics and materials. He desired them with all his heart, but felt they were out of his reach. One day he walked into the store and asked the clerk how much something cost, and the clerk answered everything in the store was free".

What do you think that man did on learning that everything he thought was so out of his reach was free? Did he accept it and ask the clerk to put everything in bags? Did he choose one precious thing and go out the door happy? Well, God offers you everything in the store free. It doesn't cost a cent. All you need to know is how to bring it to you. Suzeranda and Seth are working on a book on economics, and Seth is using her as an example of how to create what you desire by manifestation. The first book covers the subject very well, but the new book is an in-depth explanation. I recommend that you begin with the first book and go forward from there.

It is necessary to free yourself from the idea that you are the source of everything, when in truth, it is God that gives you everything you need. It is only your fears and ideas that you cannot have something that limit you in any way. God offers you the 100%. Suzeranda has been learning this the hard way, by facing the Illusion that she must create for herself a home and income, when it is there all along for her. Be at peace.

I would like to tell you my version of what has been going on in my life for the last year and a half.

About the time I was finished with my second book and lost in trying to make the organization come about, I was asked to leave Jeff's parent's home, along with Barbara, and all we had were our suitcases. I will not go into the reason for it because it is not important to the story, at least to you. But we had two dollars and each a suitcase full of clothes. I had allowed my dental hygiene license to expire, and with Barbara to homeschool and the desire to work on my project, I turned to my friends for help. Along the way, after staying with several friends, I realized God was leading me through this whole thing for a specific reason. It took a while to work through the belief structures associated with this, but I was able to understand what was happening. Being a "channel", I could ask God why, and I did. She told me that I was there to learn that my definition of "home" was the earth, and my definition of "family" was everyone on it.

The fear of loss, I can tell you from experience, is much worse that the actual thing.

I would like to thank right now all the wonderful people who became "family" by helping Barbara and me. You are brothers and sisters and I love you all very much. It has been difficult going through this time, but I know I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for! Be at peace. God offers us all the 100% and I have everything I need to create this organization. God bless each one of you. So be it.

ęCopyright 2001, Karen Holmes. Permission to copy and distribute with this copyright notation.