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Newsletter 4, September 5, 2001

Archangel Michael:
Be at peace, for all is in perfect order. Today we are going to finish this series of newsletters and I would like to tell you that you are very brave to take on the responsibility of facing these issues so strongly manifesting in your lives right now. Be at peace.

I have been assisting you with these issues, along with a multitude of angels who are at my beckon call. Yesterday I spoke to Suzeranda and told her about failure, for she has been facing this issue related to the organization. Each time she takes a step she faces this issue of failure, for she sees things as interpreted, or defined, by the Illusion, and not by the hierarchy's interpretation. Be at peace. Look at it this way; when you see something as having failed, are you looking at the issue from the highest good for all people or from your own perspective?

Let me give you an example. Suzeranda has been preparing this organization for a conference for all the leaders of the world to gather together and look at the issue, as she presents Seth's teachings, for world peace. She will address these men and women for their own highest good and for that of the people of their country. They will look at how to improve the lives of themselves and their population, not only that, but also the entire world. If Suzeranda fails, she will fail "big time." Don't you see that it is in the best interest for people now for this to come, and so she has the help and assistance of the entire spiritual hierarchy to bring this about? And so, in alignment with God's will, there can be no failure. It is only when you are doing something for your own benefit that you can fail. And, you could say it deserves to fail because no one else will come out ahead on the matter but you.

God has declared this to be a Free Will Universe, and each of Her Children has the right to create whatever they choose so long as it does not interfere with the right for another to do just that. But God's intention is for the highest good to come, and so when you choose to align yourself under this premise, you have all people in agreement, for God is all people--"All That Is."

One more thing I would like to tell you. If you choose to create something for your own purpose or your own good, to be empowered, you must also uncreate what you have created. I tell you that if it is in alignment with God's will, She assumes responsibility for what is created. Again, how can you fail?

I recommend that when you approach an endeavor or a decision that you always ask yourself the question, "Is this my will that this comes, or is it in the best interest of all people?" Then go ahead and do it, assuming that God is watching over all that you do, and will encourage your best efforts to bring about the highest good for all people. So be it.

Suzeranda has been working on this peace project for several years now and it keeps growing and expanding and at times seems overwhelming to her. She has been practicing to speak before the world's leaders to show them it is in their best interest to listen to the ideas about world peace. No one can tell another what to do, and we are not going to do that ever. But we are going to explain the ideas that need to be considered, and allow them to take it from there.

Have you ever thought about what it would take to bring world peace? If you could think on a project like that for a very long time, don't you think it would be possible to cover every aspect of it, and know what it would take to accomplish it? Well, there is a group of people who have been working on this. In fact, you have been working on this for many lifetimes, preparing and planning for just this thing--world peace. I would like to tell you that your purpose in life is linked to many other's purposes. There is not one person who stands alone. Every event and experience you have ever had has been preparing you for this, and you have only to open your eyes to the idea of it to see this. I would like to show you who you are. A time will come when you will see this come, and it will be there, in living color, so to speak, for you.

The world's leaders have soul agreements to listen to the lectures that Suzeranda and I have prepared. If you are interested you will be able to participate in this conference that will come as soon as the organization can begin the process of purifying the laws. Please see the projects section of the web page. You do not have to participate in this at all, but don't you think that all people together can accomplish something really profound? It took many people working together to create the atom bomb in the 1940s and they opened a door that was better left closed. Now this group, spearheaded by Suzeranda, but not lead by her, will begin the process of opening a door that will lead to a thousand years of peace. So be it.

Suzeranda has had experiences in this before. Her spiritual name, Suzeranda, is the basis for a form of government in the Middle Ages that had a profound effect on Europe and parts of Asia. It is time for this to come.

If you would like to participate in bringing world peace, I ask that you take a few moments to consider if you feel that it is in the best interest now for all people to bring peace. Do you think it is possible for this to come? Suzeranda has prepared the entire framework of this on the material, physical level. Over the last several years she has made the necessary steps to begin this organization. Look at the web page and see the basis for this, then stop to consider if it is in your best interest to participate in this. No one will ever be expected to do anything they do not feel comfortable doing. And no one will ever be allowed to do something not in the best interest for all people, because that is a sure way for the project to fail. I tell you this, that all parts of self must be in agreement for something to come, and with the help and assistance of the hierarchy, no harm can come to anyone. Be at peace.

If you find it in your heart to work for peace and to help get this message out then please check out the web page and join the organization. I can use your help in whatever form you are willing to give.

Seth has told me what needs to be done to get this message out the the general population. I am ready to follow these instructions for the web page and for the printing of the books. He told me that when my Flower of Life pattern is assembled then the publisher will contact me. Until that time he wants the books printed to create a more professional appearance. He asked that I do everything the 100%, and to give the organization the most professional image possible. Many peace organizations have very good intentions, but the people in power do not take much notice because they do not appear professional. That is my personal step, also.

The Flower of Life pattern is what all life is based on. The Christian interpretation is "where two or more are gathered in God's name there is great power." My Flower of Life pattern contains five people, and when all of these people are in agreement to work for this organization, then world peace is assured. They have soul agreements for this to come, but as yet do not have the inclination to work for peace. In future newsletters Seth and Michael, Kuthumi, who is World Teacher, and Boddhisatva will explain how the Flower of Life pattern functions. If you would like to fulfill your group purpose you will need to work in conjunction with several people. This information will be very useful to you.

ęCopyright 2001, Karen Holmes