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Newsletter 5, September 29, 2001

Dear Friends of Peace:
Tonight we begin a new series of newsletters, and this will encompass what it takes for you to fulfill your purpose in life. Each of you has faced many fears in your lifetime, and especially this period of time. As I said in the last newsletter, this period has been set aside to clear issues so that you can fulfill your purposes in life, both group and individual, and to continue the process of bringing peace to the planet.

Various ascended masters and spiritual teachers will speak this evening on the subject. The reason for this is they are responsible for the various subjects in the spiritual hierarchy.

Archangel Michael assumes responsibility and governs the issues related to emotional healing, and so his emphasis on facing and overcoming fears played the majority or preponderance in the last series. Seth also spoke, since a spiritual teacher must be able to speak on all subjects related to the spirit, and your section or part of the work comes under his area of responsibility. So it will be advisable and required for many teachers to come to teach you.

Boddhisattva is a spiritual entity who assumes responsibility for the manifestation of the Flower of Life pattern in the third dimension. He speaks first. So be it.

"When you have lived on the planet, you are aware of the lush growth of plant life that exists there. Many sources of creativity have produced this plant life. The Flower of Life pattern, or you could say "The Garden of Eden," is based on the cooperation of two or more entities that come together for a specific purpose. When you come together with another individual and decide you will cooperate on a certain level, then all creation begins to come forward and participates in the event.

Fibonnacci was aware and touched on the importance of the mathematical significance of the sequence of numbers that make up all life. He wrote his theses on this magical sequence that describes all of life.

Have you heard that "where two or more are gathered in God's name there is great power?" Well, I can tell you that no one ever accomplishes anything by himself or herself, alone. There must be a cooperative effort. When you set yourself apart and attempt to accomplish anything by yourself, or do not participate when another attempts to further the Divine Plan, (because all parts of self must be in agreement, and it is Universal Law that all parts must be in agreement for something to come), then what you give is what you receive, (what you sow you reap), and you give nothing so you receive nothing. You are stating to the Universe that you are separate, and therefore the Universe brings you separation and being alone. No one ever accomplishes anything alone.

Before I continue on to the next item to look at I would like to discuss for a moment Universal Law.

Universal Law applies to all people and all beings. No one can ever exclude themselves from Universal Law, and it is immutable. For you to exist you came into being due to Universal Law. By definition you are part of All That Is, and therefore you exist under Universal Law. No one is excluded. It applies to all.

The reason I repeat myself here is so that you become aware on every level that you are a part of a whole that exists, and not separate from anything. People in the third dimension feel separate and alone, and much suffering comes in the Illusion from the feeling of being separate and alone. But this is just Illusion.

For you to exist there was a cooperative effort between your higher self, the higher self of your parents, and the Karmic Board, which is responsible for enabling you to accomplish the fulfillment of your purposes in life--that is, your group purpose and your individual purpose. There was also the cooperation and efforts by All That Is, which is another name for the Creator, the Divine Creative aspects of God. You were aware that your parents must have had relations, but perhaps were not aware that every child goes through the same intensive creative process on many levels. The Garden of Eden does not exist on just the physical levels, but it also exists on all the spiritual and mental levels. Be at peace.

So, what is our purpose for discussing this with you this evening? I tell you that each one of you is in the process of creating a creation so profound this evening and during this time period, that it will shake the foundations of the world.

Suzeranda's Flower of Life pattern we will use as an example only, for each of you has as profound a purpose as the one she is working to fulfill. No one does anything alone, and she is not capable of bringing world peace, and fulfilling her purpose alone. Without the participation of many people, in fact, all the population of the planet, it is just a dream that will never come to fruition.

But no one has exactly the same way in which they will participate. Each person has a unique way in which they will participate, and does so by soul agreement.

A "soul agreement" is the agreement that you make before you were born with certain individuals of your soul group and with the Karmic Board. It is immutable, but because this is a Free-Will Universe you have the ability and the right under Universal Law to not complete these agreements. Indeed, there have been many times in the past that you did not complete these agreements and this resulted in much of the turmoil that the Earth faces now in its creative process. Be at peace. It is, basically, in your best interest and that of the people around you to fulfill these soul agreements so that relationships can go on to their higher purpose, and you can bring the Earth to its ascension process. Be at peace.

Archangel Michael
This evening you have been exposed to the preliminary teachings of Boddhisattva on the Flower of Life pattern, and I would like to continue this with my perspective of what you are going through in bringing world peace. Tomorrow is another day, and we will go on with healing emotionally from the traumas that the Earth has experienced due to the bombing of the World Trade Center and the event in Washington DC. Many people have been dealing with traumatic experiences lately, especially now, as the Earth prepares for its ascension into the higher dimensions, which is also known as the Rapture to the Christians in the newsletter's audience. But what is the significance, and how can this event experienced by so many trigger world peace and help with the planet's ascension?

I have a story to tell that will enable you to understand what is going on here. I use stories because they are descriptive and can be understood on many levels.

"A man walked down a path in the woods. The trees shed leaves and dropped them on the path, so at times it was difficult, in fact too difficult, to see where the path lay, and the man became lost. A bird flew over and alighted on the branch of a tree and said to the man, "If you follow your path much longer you will come the the edge of a cliff, and because you won't be able to see where you are going, you will fall into the abyss and die." The man was so determined to follow on his path that he kept going, not heeding the message the bird told him. Eventually he took a step and fell headlong into the abyss. The bird flew overhead and screeched in agony because the man kept falling and falling. What was the bird to do, knowing she could have prevented the man from falling? But on and on he fell. Soon the act of falling became second nature to him, and he lost all sense that he even was falling. Then he hit a branch that grew from the edge. He saw another man sitting there who also held on to the branch. They helped each other to pull each other to the top."

The Flower of Life pattern is based on people helping each other. Together you can begin the process of helping each other to find your way again. No one can make the effort for you, but you can do it together.

The Illusion is very powerful. The Illusion in the third dimension has kept you all in the abyss. You have free will to stay in it and keep on falling and falling, wrapped in the Illusion and not even seeing how far you have fallen.

God wants to give you the Garden of Eden, where all people live the lives they were meant to live, with peace and abundance, joy and fulfillment. But the illusion that you are facing is just that. Walk away from the abyss by helping each other to see that together you can do it, but alone you just stay in the hole.

I would like to put this into a different perspective for a moment.

Imagine that you would like to travel on a trip to help heal the world. You know that the work is admirable, and you ask God to give you the 100%. What you give is what you receive, and you are willing to give the Earth healing of the energies that have been ravaging the planet. But how can you accomplish this trip scenario?

It takes all people in agreement for something to come, and an event to occur. Who is in agreement that you should take this trip? If you attempt to do it on your own, there is no power there for you to accomplish this effort. You have separated yourself from the rest of humanity. Where two or more are gathered in God's name there is great power. Alone you do not have the power to do this, although you can pray on your own, and your intent is pure. But your will is to leave out All That Is. How much will you accomplish this way?

For you to accomplish your purpose in life, you must begin to work together to do this. No one will ever accomplish their purpose in life alone. There must be others in agreement for it to come.

Suzeranda would like to speak again.

Blessings to all of you,
My Flower of Life pattern is nearly complete. The people who are in my pattern have made their decisions and things are starting to move forward. I sent them letters several months ago informing them that they are part of my pattern. Actually the letter was written by Boddhisattva, and was very interesting. He told them about their options. Of the five people who received the letters, only two have written back and told me they wanted to participate in bringing world peace. I have been informed that the other's replacements have been prepared to fill in and that the ones who did not want to join in the work for the organization and for world peace are being replaced. As of this announcement, I hereby tell you, that you aren't going to be getting any more newsletters. Your replacements will continue to receive the newsletters.

Things have been on hold and you were given every chance to participate. But the window of opportunity have had to close at some time. I would like to tell you that the Illusion is very powerful, but things are going forward now. I wish you well. Be at peace. I have waited long enough. The events in New York and Washington DC have been compelling me to go forward.

Seth has asked me to begin a series of classes starting before the end of the year, starting here in Brookings and spreading out. He asked that the class be open to anyone who is interested in attending. They will cover what it takes on an individual basis to bring world peace--emotional healing, soul reintegration and finding your purpose in life. I will tell you more in subsequent newsletters.

Be at peace.