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Newsletter 6, October 19, 2001


Each time you express an idea it turns into a creation. The Flower of Life pattern expresses an idea that has manifested from the spiritual to the mental, and finally the physical. Each time you come together with another there is great power for change and creation.

But, before you begin to create I would like to explain. For your entire life you have created by default, and now, as "students of spirituality," you begin to create out of knowledge. You were always capable and had the tools to create, but not the knowledge to do so by intent. I digress.

Each time you express a desire or intent to come together with another to create something, you set into motion all of the kingdoms that exist. You have been aware throughout these newsletters that reality is much different than you thought possible. And now I intend to expand your perspective even wider.

There is a part of you that exists in every kingdom. You are a part of All That Is, and therefore all that you see and have ever experienced you are a part of. Let's take this one step farther and expand even more, for you can see that you were created out of the same "substance," or energy, you could say, as all the rest of creation.

The elemental kingdom was created to be holders, or bearers, of the creative function on the levels surrounding the third dimension, and you work in conjunction with these elementals.

In the past the native cultures were quite close and worked in harmony with the elemental kingdoms, and some cultures take great pride in their relationships with these nature spirits. The Irish have their leprechauns and the silkies, for example, and many people have assumed they are myths or fairy tales to amuse the purely innocent children, and to entertain. But, on other levels these entities exist and work in harmony with humans in the third dimension. Myth oftentimes has a basis in fact. Be at peace.

So each time you gather to create there is a corresponding reaction, so to speak, within the elemental kingdom. These entities work to take the substance known as "Light" (as opposed to the light from the Sun, this is a spiritual Light, and by putting a thought form into it you create matter), and they work to shift the particulate form of Light into matter.

For those of a scientific bent, Light is the Creative force of the Universe, and this can be observed in the actuality that the smallest subatomic particles detectable at this point are "blurred," and the scientists cannot seem to "track them down" or "fix them." They keep seeming to move. Foucault's Dilemma says that the observer influences the outcome, and so it is impossible to be 100% accurate in observation. But, again I digress.

The elementals take the thought form and create matter. I will show you an example of this one day, and you will see how this functions. Be at peace.

One more thing I would like to tell you--creativity is open to everyone, and you create with thought forms put into substance known as Light. So I recommend that you consider very carefully what you imagine and believe, because these thought forms and beliefs are creating the experiences in your life. Be at peace. As you experience life in the third dimension you create, but the effects come to you very slowly. As the Earth's energy is speeding up and it is in the process of entering the fourth and fifth dimensions, what you believe, and therefore create, will come relatively quickly.

Be at peace. I leave you now until next time.

Archangel Michael
I have a story to tell you. I prefer to tell stories to explain spiritual teachings because they can be understood on many levels.

"Two men were engaged in an argument--they both wanted the same thing. Each one thought the other had what they wanted. One man said to the other, "I will let you have what you want--I will let it go--if you give it back to me when you are finished with it." He was tired of arguing. The other man said, "I don't have it--I thought you did!" Both men turned around and realized that neither had what they argued over in the first place! They laughed and then ran to see who would find the prize before the other."

Be at peace. All is well and in perfect order.

This story explains an idea on several levels, and I would like to tell you about one of these levels so you can understand my stories better.

The first idea is that both men had a strong belief structure that the other had something they thought they didn't have. You see, what you see in another is what you have in yourself. Each man though the other was keeping something and wouldn't share. They reflected back what was inside themselves, like mirrors, and neither would allow the other to have the prize. Even after they discovered the error in their beliefs they were not willing to let go. Be at peace. The "prize" did not belong to either, yet they were not able to give what they did not believe they had. You cannot give what you do not have.

There is a Universal Law that says, "He who has, more will be given to him, and he who has not, it will be taken away. If you would like to create more of something in your life you must be willing to let it go. Suzeranda has been free to receive her financial support all along but she has believed that she does not have it, so it eludes her. We have promised her unlimited financial support if she will accept it, but she has not been free of her belief structures that enable her to let go of the idea of lack in her life.

I will tell you that each of you is capable of creating with unlimited resources if you will only let go of the "prize" and wanting it, and realize you already own it.

Let me put it another way. God has offered you the capacity to create whatever you choose. You create your life anew each day. But your beliefs allow you to create only what you think you can create. Be at peace. Let go of the lack and limitation and embrace the 100%. Creativity, as a tool, is your birthright--what you choose to create is up to you. Be at peace.

Suzeranda lets go of her need to limit herself very soon. Why not join her in creating the Garden of Eden? Working together with the elemental kingdom--the leprechauns--you can find your "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." Be at peace.

Suzeranda had what she needs in the spiritual levels given to her by God to bring world peace--financial resources enough to complete the task, people and time. All is well and in perfect order. Be at peace. That is all for now.

Be at peace.