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Newsletter 7, November 17, 2001


Tonight we are going to begin a discussion concerning soul reintegration and emotional healing, and this is in preparation for the class that Suzeranda will teach. Lynne has the capacity also to teach a class on the same subject, but she is not as well versed in emotional healing, and is still wrapped up in the Illusion, so I am going to allow her to sit in on this and take over the classes after this evening.

I would like to begin by telling each one of you that each person on the planet is going to be making their ascension out of the third dimension, and to do that, each person... because you have prayed for peace, this process of emotional healing and soul reintegration is necessary for this to occur.

Suzeranda will type up this letter and send it out to various people in order that the subject of the class can be addressed. If you would like to participate in this as a member of the organization, you are welcome to do so, but it will mean professional demeanor and an absolute knowledge of the workings of the organization, what is on the web page, and reading the first book so that you will be able to answer questions concerning the various aspects of what is going on.

People will not know anything about either soul reintegration or emotional healing, but many people will come just with the idea that they would like to have more peace in their lives, and will be opening to listen to this. As I said, Suzeranda will teach the first class on this and then she will hand the reigns over to Lynne, who will follow through, and we are already working with her to prepare her to take over on this subject.

This first class that Suzeranda will teach covers the basics, but the people that you will be working with are not very knowledgeable on the subject of emotional healing and soul reintegration, and so it will be like planting a seed, and then Lynne will carry forward and have a second class enabling people who are ready and willing and able, and these people will be open to the subject in much greater depth. So, lets begin here.

The subject of soul reintegration and emotional healing is twofold, and they are like opposites of the same coin. They interrelate and yet they are separate. For emotional healing to occur, there is some sense of soul reintegration. For soul reintegration to occur, there must be some aspect of emotional healing, because what you are doing is stepping out of the Illusion and looking at an event, or an occurrence, in your life from a different perspective and allowing that to heal. In the process you bring back parts of your energy field that were left behind as you dwelled on and ruminated over this event that has occurred in your life. And so you see, as you release the attachment, the emotional attachment, to this event you heal emotionally, and in the process you bring back the parts of your Self, or your energy field, that were left behind with this event.

To go forward with this--let's work with emotional healing completely as a separate entity for a moment.

When you look at an event or an individual in your life which is in some way discordant, or left you in a state of unease, or your are dwelling on it or ruminating on it, the first thing to realize are there are no victims and no villains in this world, and I'd like to stress this because the Illusion right now is very, very powerful. People are facing their fears, and it is very difficult for people right now to look at themselves in any way but as victims of circumstances. Fear has a way of unempowering people, and unempowered people see themselves as victims of circumstances. It's like putting the cart before the horse.

If you are empowered to make a stand on a certain issue and you make every effort to do everything in your power, you, "all parts of self", are in agreement to overcome this issue, and so you are not looking at this from the state of being a victim. But, to go forward from this--how this comes about, this all parts of self being in agreement-

At the very beginning of time, the Creator was an energy force that was very powerful and, of course still is, in its creativity--in their creativity, because they encompass both male and female energies-- to know themselves better they broke off parts of their energy and sent them off as mirrors so they could see themselves.

If you are all dressed up and ready to go out on the town, and you have no mirror to check over your appearance, you don't have a clue how you look. Have you ever tried putting makeup on or cutting your own hair without a mirror? It is very difficult to do. You have nothing to judge or gauge what it is that you are looking at.

On a much larger scale, this same thing applies or occurs on an emotional basis, because you have nothing to gauge your emotional state against as a standard. Well, unfortunately, everyone is in the same boat, and there is no real standard, so what you do is you look at other people to reflect back towards yourself what it is that you are looking at. Look at it from this perspective--that the people around you are parts of you, of your Self, and this is a tool that you can use to know yourself better. It takes a person with clarity and courage to look at the people around them and understand the issues that someone next to them is facing are also the issues that you, yourself, are facing. Your judgment of this individual is actually, therefore, a judgment of your self.

God sees each individual as being perfect because they themselves encompass the whole, and their love and their compassion is based on looking at every issue from every aspect. So their judgment is, what you could say, very accurate and all encompassing.

The next step is to understand that nothing can happen without all parts of self being in agreement, and what this means to the issue of victims and villains is that you can create whatever it is that you want. This is a free-will universe and you have the capacity to create whatever it is that you choose. You are responsible to un-create whatever that is not in agreement, or I should say alignment, with whatever anybody else chooses on a mental level for their life. But on a spiritual level, each individual has agreed for this to happen. People do not choose to manifest into their lives the 100% because until their emotional healing and soul reintegration occurs it is very difficult for someone to be empowered again, as I was referring to at the beginning of this lecture.

All parts of Self are in agreement when something occurs, on a spiritual level, but on a mental level the concept hasn't trickled down yet for people to understand that they did agree to something. When someone murders somebody else, the "victim", and I am putting that in quotations, does not say to the murderer, "I agree for you to murder me." But on a spiritual level, they have agreed to play out this karmic role for each of their own spiritual growth.

Now, the next step is to put these two things together and to say that there must be some purpose for you to choose this event in your life, if there are no victims and no villains, and everybody has to be in agreement, there must be a reason for this to occur in your life. Since everyone is functioning on the highest level that they are capable of doing at the time, and progress is swift and always straight ahead, even if it doesn't seem so, and everyone is functioning of the highest level they are capable of at any one time, then the reason for this is their own spiritual progress. So be it and so it is.

To head to the other direction for a moment--let's talk about soul reintegration.

Forgiveness is the outcome of emotional healing, and forgiveness means, on a spiritual level that the issue is wiped out of the memory of the planet. How this works on an energetic level is that when two people agree that it is time for an issue to be resolved, the energy shifts, and it is as if, since there is no time and no space--it is all part of the Illusion, for everything on a spiritual level is happening at the present-now--then this shift in the energy makes something as if has never occurred. This shifting in the process of this energy is like the perspective that everything is in perfect order, and that returns the energy back to its source. It is as if things were out of alignment and suddenly there is a shift to put everything back into the proper perspective again.

So, to go on from this, the way that you realize that everything is in perfect order is to begin the process of emotional healing, so that the first step is that people around you are reflecting back who you are. They are aspects of you, and mirrored facets, and when you walk through your relationships you are getting a clearer picture of who you are. The first level of soul reintegration is understanding that the human physical relationships that you have are actually a part of you. This is the first of three stages.

The second stage of soul reintegration, (and again, the emotional healing process is what allows you to make this first stage), you then go on to understand that the people around you are aspects of you, and that the animal kingdom and the elemental kingdom, and this is stretching a little bit far, but even the alien kingdoms around you are also reflecting back who you are.

The universe is a very large place, so to speak, and it would be rather foolish or na´ve to consider that mankind is alone and an accident of nature for life to function in this universe. Man is not alone, and there are countless civilizations within the universe, all created by the same Creator, and these are your brothers and sisters, and their purposes as they are being reunited with their Creators and coming back, too, is to reintegrate parts of their Selves, too.

The animal kingdom is part of the same energy of the Creator, as is the elemental kingdom, which makes up the fairy tale and mythological creatures throughout the human cultures. The entities really do exist, but they are not understood by the majority of humankind, except for those who have learned to communicate with them and are open and without fear. And who, to some extent, have already reintegrated their parts of Self.

Suzeranda has gone through her soul reintegration and speaks often of the time when she realized that she was a snake--connected to the snake family--and could feel the ground moving under her chin. When she was connected to the squirrel family she could feel the bark underneath her claws, and the lizard family, who is alien in nature. The connection is all there if you look to see how each individual entity reflects back who you are, and you can do this with every creature.

Many people are afraid of spiders, but how many of you work diligently to create a home, or to have everything in its proper place, and if something is out of place you will go through and clean your house, and rearrange it, and invite people in to share with you a meal? Although most of you (this is a joke) do not eat your guests! But it is a way to understand that you create your home, and you create the network of people around you, and you wait for people to come and visit you. Be at peace.

So lets begin tomorrow with the next session and go forward from there. Suzeranda will print this out and send it out as a newsletter, and speak with Lynne about her part in the next session.