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Newsletter 8, December 9, 2001

Seth on Aging

Blessing be unto you from God and the spiritual hierarchy,

Tonight I am going to create a segue into another area of human understanding. This was told to Suzeranda several weeks ago, that we were going to be doing this side newsletter--a bit of information on the topic of aging. It is just now coming into her awareness because she began to read an article in a magazine--"US News"--concerning cloning, and the research that is being done into trying to find a way to help people overcome aging, and the aging process, by pursuing this avenue of cloning.

You will discover if you continue on with research into purely scientific levels, and if you leave out the spiritual and moral and ethical understanding of what a culture or the One World idea has, that you will discover a great deal of resistance to the idea. It is possible on a technological and a scientific basis to pursue an understanding, but without the balance of the spiritual and the moral and the ethical understandings that a culture can have, you can run into great disaster this way. It opens doors that cannot be closed due to the fact that people are not ready yet for the information to come out. A good example of this would be the atomic bomb. From a scientific standpoint it was possible to create this weapon, and it was done with the idea of stopping the war--World War 2--but it's opened a great many ethical and moral issues, and now people are wondering if it was even a good idea. Across the planet there are radioactive areas that are so dangerous that this is very prohibitive. The earth is a closed ecosystem and everything is connected.

So tonight I would like to begin a discussion on this that has motivated much of the scientific community to approach from many different angles, and this will give you a basic understanding of the process of aging and what to do about it, as the cultures approach this.

I wrote a letter to Dr. West, and asked Suzeranda to mail it, offering this understanding, so that the scientific community can begin to approach this field from the standpoint where there is little or no objection to this. Again, you will see in your own life that everything and everyone must be in agreement for something to move forward, and when it appears that everyone is in agreement, then this is something that you should pursue.

The process of aging is dependent on belief structure. This is something that in this new millennium you will not have to face any more. People believe that they will look a certain way at a certain age. "My mother was sixty years old," for example, "and she had gray hair." So when you yourself reach sixty years of age, then you take on the appearances that your mother had. It's as if you are programmed to follow a certain path due to belief structures.

It's possible to look very young, and some people have an almost ageless appearance to them because their belief structures allow them to look a certain way. Some people age, and the purpose for this is because they believe that young people will not gain respect, but as they look in the mirror and they see themselves getting older, they reinforce the idea that they are getting more gray hair, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you step out of the Illusion, and as the Earth makes it's ascension, it is possible to adjust your belief structures to suit you and the age that you would like to be.

Suzeranda will begin the process of reversing her aging very shortly as she gains the energy back that was lost through the traumatic experiences she has gone through. Many people over the last couple of years have been facing their fears, and fear is a very low frequency. As you take on this lower frequency you become tired and you begin to age more--losing your color and your stamina and your drive, and often times your sexual energy, also, becomes less. But as you reverse the process through your belief structure and you heal emotionally, and you go through the process of soul reintegration, you actually, on a molecular and a cellular level, you reverse the processes of aging.

What I recommend that you do is find a way to enjoy your life, to heal emotionally and resolve these issues, and that is what these classes are going to be covering, is how to resolve the issues in your life that have drained you of this energy. As you reintegrate your soul you draw back into your self the energy that you lost when you went through these traumatic experiences. So it is like having a bank account that never runs out.

Human immortality is possible, but again this is a matter of belief structures, and conflicting belief structures can, and will, determine how long someone will live. It is possible to live five or six hundred years, by having a set of belief structures aligned with this. There have been people throughout the history of the planet who have been able to maintain very long lifetimes, but they had to be very empowered and wise and free of belief structures that caused their energy fields to be lost.

The scientific research and understandings at this time do not take into account the fact that humans are an energy field. They look at the cytological--the cellular--the biological and the physiological aspects of things, but they don't take into account the energy body. When you stop and think of it, on a spiritual level things occur first, and then they trickle to the mental and into the physical. So if you are looking at purely the physical aspects of things and not taking into account the mental aspects, you are leaving out the causal relationship--the cause of the physical state. So what you do then is you limit your understanding. Humans were never meant to be looked at purely from a physical standpoint. If you look at literature and art, in many cases, you will understand that the mental and the spiritual and the emotional states play a very large part of this.

Modern medicine, for example--doctors are learning that prayer can dramatically effect how an individual comes through a surgical procedure. And looking into the process of death and the biological standpoints of this, there are people who are shamans who can completely turn around someone who, for all intents and purposes, is next to death, by their energy level being manipulated and controlled.

What you see is what you get. This is a computer term that means that there is nothing hidden, or no level behind it that is hidden from view. But what you get with the physical body are may layers of bodies that cohabit this form. The physical is just one part.

Scientists-- human-- the scientists studying the physical body are not at a point of understanding how this functions yet. The aliens that have been assisting mankind by raising their physical and their physiological bodies are also working on the mental and the emotional. This aspect of cloning will need to be addressed on all these levels before it should be attempted, especially on humans.

I ask that you begin the process of searching into yourselves, to decide if this is something that you really would like to accomplish. Especially when you are not looking at it from all these levels.

Aging is a choice, and Suzeranda will be choosing to reverse her aging process, and this is something that each one of you are capable of doing. You must look at your belief structures. What would you like to accomplish in this world, and what age is best suited to accomplishing this?

If you are a Supreme Court justice and this is what you would like to accomplish, if you were to look twenty one years old, your wise demeanor, the face that you put on, may not be as highly respected. (Seth, the spiritual teacher who is dictating this now--this is I, Seth,) have the understanding, and I have chosen my appearance to be older and sterner, in order that people will listen to me and respect what I have to say. If you are into the creative aspects of music, for example, you would discover that a more youthful appearance may be to your advantage. So be it and so it is.

So look inside of yourself and understand that the aging process is not necessary to go through-- that you create your physical body, and that includes the way you look and the way you feel, your aches and pains, all aspects of it, by what you believe, and if you choose to not experience these aches and pains, or this gray hair, let it go. So be it, that is all for this evening.