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Newsletter 9 (December 30, 2004)
The Causes of Pancreatic Cancer

Blessings to you from the spiritual hierarchy and from Seth, a spiritual teacher who is here to help bring world peace and to explain how it can be done.

The work that is being done around the planet, in terms of forcing the will of the United States to overcome the dictatorships related to the “Axis of Evil” are about to come to an abrupt halt. Until this time, the game appeared to function at a very high frequency. Many people were swayed with the idea that if they could just force the idea on someone else--that a democracy was a better way to go--it would appear that they would drop their anger, their bitterness toward the United States and frustration, but what in effect has occurred is a backlash, because under Universal Law, everyone has the right and the capacity to create the life they want.

This newsletter relates to, not the right to create the life you want, but the capacity to do so. We are going to talk about, over the course of the next few months, several ideas related to problems that are erupting around the world, and you may begin to see these ideas coming up.

We have already talked about diabetes and how it relates to a lack of compassion in your life, and fear of death and fear of loss. But we are going to commence with a series of speeches--talks, lessons--on specific crises that individuals are facing right now, and we are going to come at this from another direction.

Vera and Evelyn, who both passed away recently from pancreatic cancer, have been coming to Suzeranda and explaining the causes of it. If you recall, several newsletters ago, it was brought to your attention that Vera and Evelyn would write articles or give speeches on certain subjects, and here they are. They just didn’t come the way you expected them to come. All of the prophecies that we have given are possible to bring about, but you have to comprehend that they won’t necessarily come in the manner that you expect. And so will world peace. It will come, but only after people face their fears and belief structures, and those who make it through--survive--over the next few years will go on to create the life they choose. It is like a series of steps, or small bursts of action, where you overcome a certain obstacle and then you can go on until you reach your next one. Most people are facing several “sins,” or senses of lack in their life, and so each one will bring about, as it is faced, a “consensus of will” related to your capacity to create the life you want.

You could say that, for something to come about, all parts of self have to be in agreement. What you are doing now is working to bring all the parts of you that are lacking back into your life in order to make it happen. So, for example, if you faced a point in your life where you had a relationship with one of your parents that was less than perfect, or was not satisfying to you, that has to be resolved, and it will play out in cycles. You’re basically going in circles until you resolve the problem, then you begin to walk forward. If you have suffered a loss in a marriage partner or mate, a divorce, then you will continue to go in circles until you resolve that issue. It is not that another individual will come along and solve the problem for you by being much nicer or kinder, it’s that you must resolve the conflict before you can have a satisfying relationship. This is being played out in the lives of several people in Suzeranda’s immediate family, or the prayer circle and the extended prayer circle and in the relationships of many of the people in this situation.

There will be a series of seven waves that go out, and the first one relates to Gluttony. You are seeing evidence of it now in the problem of obesity--losing weight, the Atkins diet, the lo-carb diet. People are becoming very conscious of their bodies, what they are putting into it. But it relates to holding onto something and refusing to let it go, coming from a position of lack rather than too much. So we are going to talk about pancreatic cancer first and this first wave that relates to it. Future newsletters will discuss other concepts and will go on from here.

Suzeranda is going to include in this newsletter information from Vera’s speech. It is not going to be the full idea of it, because that will be put on the web page. In our next newsletter we are going to address the fears related to it. Let’s begin now to talk about this idea of pancreatic cancer. I would like to talk about how it begins, speaking from personal experience.

If you are coming from a situation where it is a sense of knowledge rather than experience or wisdom, people are not going to be very open to it. Suzeranda uses the idea of “who would you rather have do brain surgery on you--someone who has read a really good book on it and knows the subject only through the book, or someone who has performed thousands of surgeries and knows the little nuances of it?” So knowledge, you could say, “puffs up, but wisdom builds up,” and so until she was able to observe her good friends and her caregiver client go through these ideas, and several other people, it didn’t really make sense about what is going on related to pancreatic cancer. Now she can speak from personal experience and share with you what she learned. All three people, and several others she is aware of, had similar circumstances in their life, and it is simple to comprehend how these belief structures or ideas could pile up at a certain point and get you into real trouble.

The first one relates to issues involving food. Many people who develop pancreatic cancer also have diabetes. The doctors say if you don’t have it--possibly an undiagnosed case of it--if you come down with pancreatic cancer you will get it eventually and have to be on insulin. So, you could say that is relates to a fear of death because the ultimate conclusion of pancreatic cancer is invariably death.

And by “death” I mean that you can no longer get your life and you cross over into Heaven. This is my definition of that term at the present time. I will use other definitions at other times, but I would like to clarify that. This is what I mean at this time, more from your understanding of it than from the Truth of the idea, because this is a counseling session and we have to speak and communicate on terms that are understandable to both sides. This is why we are clarifying the issue of definition.

The first is, you could say, the Sin of Gluttony related to diabetes, and as I mentioned in the past, diabetics start out with a belief structure related to relying on food to make yourself feel better. It is a lack of compassion in your life and so you have to find something else to make it work. Alcohol is another idea related to this. Alcoholics drink alcohol to make themselves feel better. They are relying on a crutch to make themselves feel better, but sooner or later, the crutch no longer works. The “cure becomes worse than the disease,” because if you rely on food to make yourself feel better, eventually you will be either so overweight that you have to face the issue, or you become dependent on food and carry it through to the point where you can not longer use it as you are diagnosed with diabetes, and then you start relying on getting compassion--

Being overweight isn’t a problem. If you have lost someone, you can lose 20 pounds and go out to find someone else. But if you believe that you can’t get it, then it progresses on to point where you start to rely on getting compassion by being sick. Then you reach the point where your healers can no longer heal you. This is where people with pancreatic cancer are. They are working to get compassion from people by being sick, and then they reach the ultimate conclusion where nobody can help them anymore.

Funneling another idea into this, like an on-ramp of a freeway, you also have an idea of what causes the problem in the first place. Why you can’t just overcome that idea--lose the weight and then find another romantic interest? What would separate out those individuals from someone else? And that relates to the idea that you aren’t worthy of it. What would make you not worthy of compassion, or not worthy of the capacity to have it, where you have to rely on being sick? Maybe when you were young your mother taught you that if you were sick you could stay home from school, and she would put bendable straws in your glass of liquid so you didn’t have to suffer by tipping the glass. Maybe she would treat you to special treats or buy you a stuffed animal or a toy to make you feel better. You began to understand that you could get something from people by being sick. But to funnel this idea in, you are combining the idea of the issue of food and also the idea that illness is a way out. If your mother said to you, “You are going to have to go to school, there is no one who can take care of you, take some Nyquil and you’ll feel better” and then it was something where food was not the way to get compassion, but it was holding on to an idea. So there are several ramifications here, of all these different belief structures, and they are all coming together to form kind of an idea, pancreatic cancer, that comes forward.

The pancreas is an unusual organ because it actually does several things. It relates to insulin and diabetes. It can start in the Isles of Langerhans which can stop producing insulin, where you have to rely on oral medication or taking shots of insulin from a vial rather than from your own pancreas. The other thing is it releases digestive enzymes you need to break down your food.

I am going to segue for a moment and talk about the concept of digestion and what it means. If you have a belief structure that says you can’t learn, you will have problems with digestion. How do I make this connection? Things occur first on the spiritual level, like a lesson or a tool that you are learning to utilize. If you would like to, in a certain lifetime, to learn a lesson, then the spiritual hierarchy sets you up with a certain set of circumstances. You come in with the idea that this is what you are going to do. You meet certain people, or certain events occur, and they trigger the lesson for you to learn. It is done entirely by your choice in order for you to make this burst of progress that you are making, because as you overcome the idea, then you move forward and you raise everyone else up in the Universe because it is all connected. It is not that life treats you like a victim; it is that you choose to experience certain learning tools to help you get further ahead. There is a much broader picture here. Events are not necessarily bad, they just are, and they can be used as tools to make your life better.

So to experience learning, you take something in, and you digest it, or you figure out how you can apply something in your life to make your life better. If you have too much of it, you will just let it go and it won’t be something that you really need. But if it is something that you need, you take it in and apply it. If you are Donald Trump and a multi-billionaire, somebody giving you a $10 bill doesn’t mean very much. You can just let it go and pass it on as a tip to somebody. But if you only have $1.00, that $10 bill is ten times what you have, and so you see, you are holding onto this idea, what you have in abundance, what you have. People who have been compared to other children or siblings in their life--one sibling might be more intelligent than another and able to do many things where the other one a bit of a klutz--and so the klutz is constantly feeling that he can’t do something and he reinforces the idea that he can’t do it.

Over a lifetime, what occurs is that the blocks in your intestines are like the idea of not being able to learn. You could say that (this is a delicate subject) but if you are dealing with a lot of intestinal gas, that relates to the idea that there is a pressure building up that is going to force you to move forward to do something. If it becomes painful with bloating and such, there is a great deal of pain associated with the idea of forcing you to go forward to utilize the information, or to get rid of it, or make a choice. You can see that your body is expressing ideas that are going on in your head. This is probably the most important clue in this newsletter, and I would like Suzeranda to capitalize this idea, that YOUR BODY IS REFLECTING IDEAS THAT ARE GOING ON IN YOUR MIND. You can change what is happening in your life by changing what is going on in your mind.

We are going to express another idea here, and to bring it around. God and Jesus Christ have promised you the capacity to be the person you have always wanted to be. They are encouraging you. As I said a moment ago, that they’re bringing events into your life that will allow you the understanding or the belief that you need to create the life you want. You can use this information and utilize it to get the life you want. Even pancreatic cancer can be cured. It cannot stop you from creating that life. The purpose of this newsletter is to show you that if you come down with pancreatic cancer, or any other form of cancer, it is possible to cure it by changing what you believe. The doctors are learning that people can pray and turn their life over to God, and can create the life that they want. What they are doing at that point is refusing to accept responsibility for their understanding, and saying, “I don’t know how to do this, God help me!” and then they allow God to show them how it can happen. If you are open to the idea of listening and learning and progressing, that is the final concept of curing pancreatic cancer.

You are going to find that if the doctor diagnoses cancer and says there is no hope for you, and you believe it, then there is no hope.

If you believe that you can do it--

All parts of self have to be in agreement for something to come, and so by looking at these three ideas, the idea of compassion, you can have the life you want. You don’t need compassion from other people, you need their help. You need a win-win situation, and that is going to be the topic of our third newsletter on pancreatic cancer--on how to cure it.

Let me just say this, that Suzeranda’s book, “A Manual for Peace,” starts the process of looking at how you can begin to create the life you want. These newsletters will be on the internet--Vera’s speech will go on the internet--and you can get this information on how to do this by reading the books and starting the learning process on looking at what you believe and where you are now in your life. You cannot move forward until you understand where you are now. If you have diabetes and you are looking for people to feel sorry for you, if you are relying on food to make yourself feel better, if you believe that another person has the capacity to create their life because they are smarter than you or better than you in some way, that is wrong. You have the capacity to create your life, and in fact, no one else can do it. We are going to start showing you how to do this, if you just open up your minds and start to look at yourself as you really are, and understand that you can get the life you want if you know that.

The book will help you. “A Manual for Peace” can help you. The newsletters are on the Internet, if you don’t have your newsletters anymore. Go on the web page and look for them and read them and understand that you can get the life you want.

I am Seth, and I have a soul agreement to show this group of people how to create world peace. It is a win-win situation for both of us. You get world peace and I get my planet back. So be it and so it is.

“A Manual for Peace” can be purchased at On The Rainbow Peace Store