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Seth's Teaching on Emotional Healing and Soul Reintegration, September 21, 2001

The first thing for you to realize when you are beginning the process of soul reintegration is that all parts of self have to be in agreement for something to come. You are going to begin this process of reintegrating all parts of your soul as a group function. Suzeranda has already done this, and she can explain what occurred to her when this happened. It is talked about in the first book. We went through it in the description of soul reintegration.

All parts of self must be in agreement for anything to come about. When you have left parts of your soul behind, as you ruminated and held on to certain belief structures or traumatic experiences in your lives, then it is very difficult for you to be empowered to move forward with all parts of self being together. Once you have gone through this process of soul reintegration then nothing will stop you because all parts of self will be in agreement.

Let us begin now.

I would like you each to consider an event in your life--just in your thoughts--and recall something, an event, possibly an accident that occurred in your life, that may have kept you thinking about it over and over again--something that was very difficult, a slight that somebody made against you, for example, or something that triggers you, something that makes your blood boil.

Each time an event like this occurs in your life, it pulls off part of your energy field, and you leave it behind. After many of these events... You can see this in peopleís faces, often, who seem to not have much energy. These people have become so unempowered that they are not capable of going forward and accomplishing anything. Everything becomes an ordeal.

Many mental illnesses, such as the bipolar condition, come from these events that cause you to lose part of your energy field, and there are several people in this prayer circle and this group of people working together who are suffering from bipolar condition.

As you go though your emotional healing, you will reintegrate these parts of your soul to enable you to have the energy to accomplish whatever you set out to do. It is as if we have two aspects that we are working on that are totally interrelated. They are separate, but the are interrelated, and they will enable you to accomplish what you set out to do.

The first thing I would like to do, I said, is to consider this event and bring it to mind.

There are no victims and no villains in this world, as Lady Gaia said in her message, and that I said at the beginning of this discussion. All parts of self must be in agreement for something to come about. Every individual has agreed on a certain level, and every part of your self that you hold within your energy field, are in agreement for this to come about for your own empowerment.

Now the time is set aside--this millennium that is coming, and is in the process of beginning--has been set aside for the empowerment of people, to enable people to be much more creative in what they set out to choose.

Over the last millennium you gave away your power to traumatic experiences through your belief structures. You enabled other people to assume responsibility for what you created because you were not very proud of what you created. This is one aspect of this. Emotional healing, and we are going to discuss that this evening also, is the tool you use to bring back the parts of self, along with soul reintegration, and that enables you to be much more empowered and to move forward.

Emotional healing is the tool, as I said, that enables you to go forward and to create what you would like to create, along with soul reintegration.

Letís begin by taking this traumatic event in your life and looking at it from a slightly different perspective.

You have assumed the role of victim, and in the process you gave away the power that you had--the personal power that you had to make a change and step out the illusion of this event. But as you look at this event with the idea that you were responsible for creating it, then it enables you to let it go and look at it from a different perspective. There are no victims and no villains in this world, and so if you are not a victim of this experience, and then you rise above the experience and you say "this does not have the capacity to destroy me any more," and you donít internalize it. You assume responsibility for it, but at the same time, it becomes impersonal to you, and you can begin the process of letting it go. Do you see how this works?

If you say that person over here did something to you, that they were mean to you or cruel to you in some way, and that you are a victim of this circumstance, then that person has more power than you and you cannot make any changes associated with that circumstance. You direct all your energy in anger at that person. What you give is what you receive, so you are directing anger at someone else, and that anger is coming back to you, and in turn it removes more of the energy field that is around you. When you give anger, you receive anger back tenfold. When you give forgiveness, you receive forgiveness back ten-fold or a hundred-fold or a thousand-fold. Let go of the idea that you are a victim of circumstances--or anyone else for that matter, circumstances or events or people.

All parts of self must be in agreement for something to come. Let go of the idea and start to assume responsibility for what you have created in your life. As you do this, you start to draw back some of the energy that you left with this event. Let go of it and allow it to be healed. All parts of self must be in agreement for something to come, and when one person steps out you have the capacity to change whatever you desire to change, and then that in turn allows you to move forward and to accept whatever you would like to create from an empowered position.

For soul reintegration to come, you look at people... And this is a very difficult concept for some people to see, because you begin the process of looking at the people outside of you as mirroring back who you are, (and this is an aside, but I would like to comment that your definition of the people around you earlier was a perfect example of this.) (He was referring to our discussion of patience,)

I would like to address the idea that all parts of self must be in agreement for a moment.

Your relationship with God is the most important relationship that you have, and God is All That Is, so in effect, you are saying that is your relationship with everything, including your self and everything that surrounds you. Itís not the Old Man on the Throne that we are looking at as the definition. You are part of All That Is and this is who you are. You are part of all the parts that surround you.

For God to know themselves, they broke off parts of self, part of the same substance, and allowed it to be out here so it could reflect back to them who they are. What they see is a perfect creation because it is part of the same substance. God sees everything as whole and complete and in perfect order. But, you are a part of the creation. You are not the whole, but yet you are. This is a very difficult concept. For you to know yourself better, take yourself and hold it out and look at it.

Unempowered people fear what they do not understand, what is separate from them, and so there you have a part of yourself out here, and what you see, what is reflected back to you so that you can know yourself. That which is out here is a mirror back to you and it allows you to know yourself better. Judgment comes into play here, when you see something. Look at this, and see it from a slightly different perspective.

If you see an individual out here, this person is mirroring back who you are, and I said, this is a very difficult concept at times because if this individual isnít reflecting back what your interpretation of yourself is, then fear comes into play. You see this as an "Us verses Them" idea. The next step is to understand that this individual is reflecting back who you are. As I said in the book, it is like two individuals with mirrors between them, and each person is only seeing himself or herself in the mirror. In the third dimension, you are not accurately seeing the other individual, so judgment is not very accurate.

Where do we go from here?

The first step in soul reintegration, and also emotional healing, is to understand you and the other person are one--that that person is only reflecting back to you qualities that you have. You understand the people around you--the members of your family, your friends, the people around you-- are reflecting back who you are. You accept them without judgment, and you understand the qualities they may have, patience, for example, are the things that are inside of you.

(Speaking to a member of the group) Suzeranda does not see you as impatient, and you are denying the fact that inside of you that you are patient. Judgment of another is not a very accurate in the third dimension because all you are doing is seeing yourself reflected back to you from another individual. Use this as a tool and allow your traumatic relationships in your life to be released.

The next step is to understand the people in your life are facing issues at this time. This is not actually part of the soul reintegration process, but I am putting this in here for you to understand that this time has been set aside for people to step out of the Illusion, and everyone now who will be moving forward without checking out of their bodies, or stepping out of the Illusion and making their ascension from out of the body, is now facing these many fears to allow the population of the earth and the earth itself to make its ascension. This in particular is very important, and many people will be making their ascension while in the bodies during this time.

The next step is to understand that all creation is made of the same substance, and this applies as you go through your prayer circle. You understand the elementals, the elemental kingdom and the animal kingdom, are also reflecting back to you who you are.

Have you heard the expression, "a herd of turtles?" People are moving like turtles? "Quick like a bunny!" "That person is a dog!" What qualities and characteristics do the animals have that are also reflected back in you? (To a member of the group) When the fox appeared, that animal was showing you who you are, an aspect of you. Go forward and understand that the animal kingdom is reflecting back who you are, also.

I would like to tell you that the next step of soul reintegration and emotional healing relates to a part of creation that has many times created a great deal of fear, and this is the aliens that have visited this planet. Many of you have had encounters with aliens in the past and will continue to do so. I assure you that these individuals, these creations of the same Creator as you, created them as your Brothers and Sisters.

Soul reintegration reaches the peak of its understanding with understanding that you are One with your Creator, and this is the final step that you go through as you reintegrate all parts of your self. God... With the understanding as you begin this process, that you are one with All That Is... And the reason you say your mantra at the beginning of the prayer circle is to establish your relationship with your Creator.

You may have understood this on a mental basis, and you may have said this over and over again through your prayer circle or other prayers, but when you reach the third stage of your soul reintegration you bring this understanding into you heart and you experience this oneness with All That Is.

Many times you can say something over and over again, and know it in your mind, but it doesnít really kick in until it goes into your heart. You are the same substance as your Creator. You are a part of it. And because of that, you have the creative capacity to do whatever you desire. Your belief structures can still limit you, but as you accept your oneness with the Creator, you are empowered to create whatever you desire and nothing can hold you back anymore.

That is all for this evening.