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Seth's Teaching on Changing Another's Perspective and Looking at Belief Structures, August 2, 2002

(Karen's note: Seth spoke at our prayer circle, and his discussion involved how to change the perspective of another person if the other person makes a statement that you do not agree with. The objective is to widen the perspective so the end result is agreement. When people are in agreement, then you can create what you wish to create.

This discussion was taken from notes, not taken verbatim from a tape, so fill-in comments are added. He asked us to include this on the web page.)

Create change and harmony. Look at who you are and keep letting go of aspects that no longer suit you.

These lecture notes are also for the world's leaders.

When you are working in a group discussion or in talking with others, clarify your position and other points so that the discussion can reach an entirely new perspective."

(Karen's note:  Seth commented about an exercise he had us do when we were discussing how to create a consensus in a group while creating and manifesting one of our projects--a healing arts center that Vera is working to create.  During the exercise Seth asked us to each comment about what we would think would be a good idea about the various parts of it--the shape of the building, the decor, etc, and each of us built on what the previous speaker "created". Basically it was a way to build a consensus in the group)

"Each of you discussed possible plans for Vera's healing arts center bringing all in agreement. If each person is looking at a perspective, and shares in the discussion, then the consensus comes quickly.

I am going to express something. Look at this and discuss and see where you can take it. Each one should look and clarify and bring it to a level of (common) perspective. When two people are in a room in a discussion but never understand there are techniques they can use to bring about an understanding. The following exercise (with results) can be printed out and put on the Internet, on the web page."


(It entails looking at something about the highest good for all people.)

"Look at the kind of weather patterns that are causing fears:

First--look at the commonly accepted ideas of the causes of fearful weather patterns and the emotional traumas related to the patterns.

Barbara: "The Fire Spirit is here to help this understanding of the weather connections by showing how people react emotionally to the fires."

(Oregon, at the time of this writing, has had several forest fires burning out of control, and a nearby fire is 30 miles long and the town is covered by the smoke.)

"Fires are set by lightning. Fires are caused by carelessness with burning matches and campfires. Fires are started by arsonists."

(Now we come to the point in the discussion where we can help people form a change in their viewpoint, in their belief structures.) Common idea: "Bad weather is God's punishment for people misbehaving."

Answer: God is all loving and compassionate so God does not bring harm to people.

Question: Then what does bring harm to people? When are the weather patterns unstable?

"Someone like Evelyn, who is kind and considerate to all, doesn't have unstable weather patterns following her around. She sees all people as equal and is accepting of them no matter what they are feeling at the moment. She is emotionally stable during the holidays and tragic events as the bombings of the World Trade Center.

Others show emotional instability in planning for and attending Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years celebrations when the weather patterns are more unstable. Also frustration accompanies weather closures of airports.

There is much turmoil related to March, the beginning of tornado season. Common everyday concerns are about warmer weather and losing weight so one can fit into their swim suits, or the grass is growing but its raining so you can't mow it. (This creates a pattern of circular thinking as people think of the problem but seem to have no solution and then think of the problem but there is no solution. Seth has told us circular thought patterns are what cause tornadoes.)

With the Fourth of July (Independence Day) what kind of emotions are felt with shooting of fire crackers and the dog days of summer, or preparing wardrobes for going back to school, and facing shorter days and fall winds and rains?

So, we will look at belief structures and help ourselves and others to realize if God doesn't cause weather problems, people with unbalanced emotions do. As we create balance in our thoughts and feelings, observe the weather is more mild and sunny and calm.

Look at belief structures and how they affect life. They are like building blocks and the ones that don't fit into our created ideas have to go.


For the coming week, make a list of 100 belief structures that prevent you from creating what you want for this earth. Observe how what you see in others reflects back what is in you. Also, notice how people around you are seeing parts of you reflecting back to themselves.