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Seth's Teaching on Conflict in Relationships, November 17, 2002

Peace must come to all people, and for it to occur, all people must be in agreement. This does not mean that people must find a resolution that they can force on another, but that all people must benefit from it.

The Illusion is very powerful, and when one individual attempts to introduce an idea, it behooves people to stop and consider how it will benefit them. For two individuals who are in agreement there is great power for change. But again, I must reinterate that is in the best interest of all people to stop and consider what it is that they would like to create, rather than to look at things from the perspective of putting their own self ahead of others.

If you are in agreement for something to come on a spiritual level it will come, but discussion is required.

I would like to bring about an idea of how to look at the issue of how to convince another person that something is in their best interest. Already from the point of two people being in agreement on a spiritual level for something to come, it means that before those people were born they had a soul agreement to listen at the time the idea was presented. It does not mean they will automatically agree to this. When these people meet on the physical level, oftentimes belief structures get in the way. These must be resolved before the final agreement can come about.

Now on a spiritual level these two individuals, just as world peace is coming about--and I am using the example of two for clarification purposes--oftentimes disputes come about on something that should be done. These two individuals come together, as I said, on the spiritual level and create a soul agreement that they will participate on a project or a relationship or some other sort of agreement--a family relationship--and every relationship that you have ever had, with any relationship with any individual on this planet, has come about under these same circumstances. So, this is not something that sets out two individual people.

The reason I am discussing this is because for world peace to come at some point in time, every relationship must be resolved.

To go on, as these people meet in the physical, the belief structures associated with this relationsip are brought to attention. These could be related to past life issues, or solely to this sole agreement.

As the dispute is resolved in some way, or the relationship progresses to a higher level-- say, this could be between two people who fall in love with each other or attracted to each other, or two friends who are meeting again after a long period of separation, enemies on a battlefield, whenever two people meet this comes about--and as the soul agreements that have been made on the higher levels comes to fruition, this belief structure or energy that has brought you together is like a dance, and it progresses and is resolved. At that point in time, the relationship crumbles or falls apart and you move onto the next step of resolving this energy flow.

On a wider scale, the countries are doing this as the United States reaches a form of dominance and triggers events in other countries to occur. Also, the wars that are going on, and this is how the energy that is blocked is raised up. The soul agreement is required or the energy stays in a form of stasis.

Now, you may wonder, at some point in time, what occurs if one side resolves the issue or the argument, and the other side doesn't? The relationship crumbles and falls apart at the agreed time, because you could say that for something to come all people must be in agreement, but the individual who has not yet resolved the issue will find another person to work through the same issue. An example of this is a marriage where a curse of the generation is being played out. A child may learn abusive behavior and marries a spouse to play it out. But if the soul agreement is not resolved, the person goes on and marries again another individual who is ready to take on the responsiblity of doing this. So be it and so it is.