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Is World Peace Possible?
December 9, 2002

Peace is the first stage of a wider plan that is coming for the world, but before I begin to speak of that I would like to adjust some thinking on your part.

People have been assuming that there is no cause for alarm on this practical subject, that if they just roll forward that things are going to sort themselves out. But what is necessary for this to come is for people to adjust their thinking and to allow the changes to come for the highest good for all people. It is a matter of taking belief structures and sorting out the ones that no longer suit you.

You have the capacity to create whatever you want, but if it is for selfish purposes the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, which applies to all people, will bring to you back the chaos you are creating.

So, first of all, intent is important, and then taking the belief structures and working through them using soul reintegration, and the idea that each person around you reflects back who you are, and that might be preventing you from accepting the full 100% that God, the Creator of us all, has promised you.

If you look at it this way, you are welcome to "spin your wheels" as long as you desire. To create world peace, it will take everyone working together and each functioning from the highest level that they are capable of functioning.

On a spiritual level, since each individual on the planet has requested this and agreed to it, it can come, but whether or not it happens in your lifetime is another issue. It establishes the idea that the full responsibility falls back onto your lap. From a practical standpoint, this means you need to be in a constant awareness of who you are and the direction that you are going, and allow it to come. As choices and individual opportunities arise, as you begin to let go of the things that hold you back, then you start to draw towards you this concept of peace.

No one will have a free ride in this, except by the very end of this process it will become easier for those people who have been working on it to to get into the habit of doing this.

Now, you can create what it is that you desire, but for peace to come it means everybody having the opportunity to do this. God the Creator has enabled everyone to do this. You can go through and create what you desire, whether it is peace or chaos, but to create peace, everyone must be working together and everyone must benefit from it and be willing to do this.

Initially speaking, the people who are part of this organization have agreed to certain stipuations to come into their life--certain events, you could say. This is to allow a sense of frustration to build when their own plans for their life where not allowed to continue, and what I mean by this is that several events have occurred on an astrological basis that have triggered a sense of "hitting a brick wall."

Now on an international basis what this means is that certain countries that play key roles at this time have not been allowed to continue on with the game-playing that has occurred.

It is happening on several levels. People in the organization, to prepare for this life-style change, volunteered to have a sense of frustration develop in their own life because they were not able to do what they wanted to do--what they chose to do. Their "higher self" was already funtioning on this level, but their aware state--their mental state--that they normally focus on this plane, was not able to go forward, and a sense of frustration developed.

So you could say, what was coming about was the idea that if someone tried to force their will or their plan on another person they were not able to do it and they were forced to change their tack, but on the same token what they were trying to accomplish by the Illusion was not going to get them where they wanted to go in the first place. It just seemed that way, that it would work.

Now what is occurring is that people are starting to discover that what they meant to do in the first place was offered all along to them, but it was not something that they would normally choose to do. They were forced to consider another alternative. This is coming about at the present time. The people are becoming aware that their idea all along was available but it just wasn't obvious or in the way they thought it would come.

So, what they were fighting and preventing from occurring all along was in their best interest and what they wanted was in their grasp, but it just wasn't something that they thought they could do or have.

To continue on to the next stage, and this is where it is going to become very interesting, is that the people are going to gather together and begin to understand how this is all going to benefit them. This is the final stage before world peace will come and the people will start to form this coalition of people working together for everyone's benefit.

First of all, when making a choice or decision to change, there must be a sense of whether it is possible, and this first stage that is ending now was the stage of awareness that it was possible.

Is is probable? And now as the people come together and start to discuss this, it begins to appear that it is probable.

And is it likely? Yes, by this point, it is not only likely, it is in the process of coming about as people who are already using these techniques lead the way to show that it is likely and probable.

And the final step--is it a good idea?

If you were to stop to consider that not only is it a good idea, but it will benefit everybody in the process--in the long run--then it seems each day that it is more and more probable. On the spiritual level it has already happened, but now it is becoming manifest onto the third dimensional plane and the fourth and the fifth dimensional plane, and the Earth begins to raise its vibrational energies.

Seth through Suzeranda